What is next for Beckham?

What is next for Beckham?

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What is next for Beckham?

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As the news of David Beckham’s impending departure from the Los Angeles Galaxy makes waves around the world, the growing number of potential destinations for the English superstar is growing by the day. Name a continent and Beckham has been linked to a rumor of going there. He even has rumors pegging him to stay in MLS, but with another team (extremely unlikely).

So where exactly will Beckham be going after the 2012 MLS Cup Final? Will he return to England to play for a London club and play in the city where he grew up, or will he take up the Australian A-League’s offer to help put their fledgling league on the global map? Will he consider the big money offers of places like Dubai, China or oil-money loaded Paris St. Germain?

Let’s run through the rumored options that the 37-year-old Beckham is faced with right now:


A return to the Premier League doesn’t make a ton of sense beyond the obvious connection of potentially returning to play in England. Beckham talked of wanting to face a new challenge before retiring. While playing on a relegation-threatened club like Queens Park Rangers would technically be a new challenge, it seems unlikely that he would return to the league where it all began for him.


The A-League is making a hard push for Beckham, and is hoping to add him to Alessandro Del Piero to give the league a serious push into the international consciousness. They have the money, and it certainly is a new challenge, but would Beckham really spend an extended amount of time there and uproot his family? A more likely scenario would see a short stint there before retiring and focusing on MLS club ownership.


Paris St. Germain made a hard push for Beckham a year ago only to fall short. If PSG is still interested, it might be difficult for Beckham to pass up a chance to play for a stacked team that will be playing in the UEFA Champions League knockout rounds. The question is does PSG actually need him on the field? And if not, would Beckham be content with being a fringe player?


The league that landed Drogba and Anelka would surely be able to find the money to bring Beckham, but is he ready to go to a league that is truly disconnected from the international soccer mainstream? This one seems extremely unlikely as well.


Yes, as you know, Snoop Lion expressed interest in buying a stake in Scottish champion Celtic, and went on record as saying he’d love to bring Beckham with him. While that all makes for hilarious headlines and unintentional comedy, a move to the Scottish Premier League doesn’t make all that much sense. Not for him or for the club.


This interesting but mother of all long-shots would have Beckham somehow heading from the Galaxy to the Red Bulls, which would require New York to part ways with Rafa Marquez (something fans there and around MLS pray happens this winter). Beckham has never played for two teams in the same league, and it seems highly improbable that after six seasons as a member of the Galaxy that he would go play for another team in MLS. Call this one wishful thinking.


So where will Beckham wind up?  Australia, France and England seem like the most reasonable trio of front-runners.

Where do you see Beckham winding up? Cast your vote here:


  • Australia
  • England
  • France
  • China
  • Scotland
  • Dubai
  • New York


Which destination did you pick? Where would you like to see him wind up?

Share your thoughts below.

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