A look back at Messi's record 86 goals

It has been come customary, almost expected, to see Leo Messi break records, but what he accomplished this past weekend is a feat that surely will not be broken for a long time.

Messi scored his 85th and 86th goals of 2012 to lift Barcelona to their latest victory and surpass Gerd Muller as the top scorer in a calendar year, a record that had been held for 40 years. It was just the latest accomplishment in a career filled with many, but nonetheless it was among his most impressive.

His two strikes in this past Sunday’s 2-1 win over Real Betis have been played ad nauseam, but here is a video showcasing each of Messi’s 86 goals this year (Enjoy.):

What do you think of Messi’s record 86 goals? Which goals did you like the best? How many more do you see him scoring before the year ends?

Share your thoughts below.

  • beto

    amazing finisher. So many of those where scored with 3-5 defenders/gk within arm’s reach. Seems like everyone’s idea of how to defend him is to double or triple team him and he just walks and shoots right through groups of people; something that can not be easy for player who doesn’t overpower anybody. my favorites are at 6:24 and 8:22 although the Goals vs Brazil in NY where exceptional too. only 15/86 were pk’s too!


    • Eurosnob

      He is a great finisher and his Barca coaches were smart to recognize it. Messi’s scoring skyrocketed when they moved him from the right wing to play more centrally as false No. 9. Most coaches in this country would have focused on his small size, speed and being left footed and concluded that his best position is either a left midfielder or as a winger, where there is more space to exploit. They would have instructed him make long lung bursting dribbling runs along the sideline and supply crosses to a target forward in the box. To me, Messi is a complete player, who can play a number of positions well, but his coaches figured out the position where he is the most effective. Beating Muller’s scoring record is incredible!


  • Al

    Hey Messi, go play for QPR and do that. Hell I’ll even give you a Valencia…. Hell I’ll give give you Athletico…


    • wilyboy

      Watch Barca play without Messi. It’s not easy for them to win. With him, it’s like breathing.
      Get over yourself, and have an iota of respect for someone who’s actually accomplished something.


    • Eurosnob

      Gerd Muller set his record while playing for Bayern (arguably the best team of his era) and his record is one of the most respected and longstanding scoring records in soccer. Messi’s scoring record is not diminished by the fact that he plays for Barcelona. Messi and most of his teamates came through Barcelona’s academy and there’s nothing wrong with playing for the club that developed you.


    • Conrad

      Totally! If Rooney played for Barcelona, he’d already have scored over 100 goals. Messi is a joke. Besides, #75 totally should have been saved. They need to put an asterisk in the record books.

      Now, it is possible that AI’s comment is really really really stupid, but nah, I’m going with Messi sucks :P.


      • Beto

        Ya something doesnt add up the best scorer in the world plays for the best club; that cant be right…


  • wilyboy

    86 goals. 3 of them he had to sweat for. A machine couldn’t do what he does, and an immortal would get tired of scoring. Not this guy. He’s Messi.


    • jon

      I was there. the most amazing athletic performance I’ve ever seen live. by far. I left in awe.


  • Gary Page

    Plus the fact that for passes if 19 to 15 yards long he is as good as anyone. Sometimes I think his passing ability is overlooked. Even if he didn’t score he would be invaluable as a play maker.


  • Dinho

    One of the most unbelievable things is that only 2-3 of those goals were “soft” goals. Unreal. Amazing. Unstoppable. You pick the adjective. The guy is the best ever. Period.


  • A

    Just not even fair. He routinely scores goals that other top flight players would cherish their entire lives.

    And even better–he’s now apparently the best free kick taker in the game too.


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