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Cahill looking like a strong contender for RBNY captaincy

Photo by ISIphotos.com

Tim Cahill has been with the New York Red Bulls for just over four months but that has not stopped him from earning a bevy of respect within the organization, a respect that could see him earn the club’s captaincy in 2013.

Thierry Henry has worn the armband for the Red Bulls for each of the last two seasons, but Cahill could displace the star striker in that role when the club appoints its new head coach in the near future. Both Designated Players are two of the more experienced players on the Red Bulls and in MLS, but Cahill has quickly made a lasting impression on teammates, coaches, and club executives with his professionalism, toughness and ability to lead.

“I didn’t know anything about Tim Cahill aside from watching him play for Everton, but he completely surprised me with his positive attitude, never anything negative,” Mike Petke told MLSsoccer.com. “Who knows what he’s thinking in his mind, but never anything negative, always pushing the guys on, always the first in the locker room to be offering up advice.”

Adding to the argument that Cahill is a potential captain is his handling of a pair of situations late in the year. Cahill played through a torn calf in the playoffs and he also stopped media from reaching a tearful Kenny Cooper following the Red Bulls elimination loss to D.C. United in the playoffs.

There’s no question that Henry has his own leadership qualities and he has been around MLS and with the Red Bulls substantially longer than Cahill. The new coach that steps in could very well elect to keep the former France national team forward as the Red Bulls’ captain for that reason and many others, but for the first time in years, it appears some serious thinking will go into the decision of who will captain the Red Bulls.


Who do you think should be the Red Bulls captain in 2013? Think it makes much of a difference either way?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Ando

    I would prefer Cahill to be captain. Seems friendly and if he play central midfield next season, would be probably lead by example.
    Henry, despite his moodiness, is a great captain because he helps the younger players and is willing to chew out the refs and the opposing players. However, the Kenny Cooper issue and his agent allegedly running the team thing bothers me.
    Doesn’t really matter who has the armband because as DPs, they should be leaders in the locker room. Maybe not Rafa.


      • Ando

        Henry apparently does not like Kenny Cooper. He did not give him much credit for his 18 goal season and rumor has it is that they don’t have a friendly relationship off the field. I hope these reports of friction are not true but Henry does tend to frown and shout at Cooper a lot during games.


      • chris

        Henry’s a pompous b!tch. Someone needs to put a cleat to his chest and put him in his place


    • Mac

      Cahill has been a failure in central midfield. He is not the playmaker NY needs. They need to bring in Juninho and they need Cahill up top with Henry scoring goals.


  • Gnarls

    This is clearly an apples and oranges statement, but you’ll remember David Beckham was given the captain’s armband when he joined the Galaxy, and those were pretty bleak years competitively. When Donovan assumed the captaincy, things turned around. It may not be causative, but it’s something to consider. Sometimes the biggest name on the team isn’t always the best candidate for captain.


      • Mac

        It was also about getting better players. When Beckham came in, other than Donovan, the Galaxy roster was awful.


  • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

    Is this really a story? Petke said Cahill was a positive influence. Did he mention there is internal talk he’s being considered for captain? Short of that this seems like a long way to go for a small drink of water. Just saying. Anyway, naming Cahill captain when you have Henry as the captain may cause more internal negatives than positives. It’s been my experience teammates follow the leader regardless if he has the armband or not.


    • patrick

      i think it’s more a story about Cahill being what NY needs as a leader moreso than the captaincy, specifically. The Red Bulls have lacked someone like Cahill for a while, and with the chaotic nature of the front office and business side, it’s important to have someone like Cahill who will not only perform on the field, but keep the team as a unit. While Henry may be the best player in NY, his body language and what looks like contempt for the off the field stuff, makes it difficult. Cahill is a necessary cog.


      • Laszlo

        Hi agree with Patrick. Also, I’ve seen some stories from England where Henry wants to go on loan with Arsenal for the second half of the BPL season. Obviously, if Henry is in England he can’t be the captain of RBNY.


      • Sabella

        Agree. No way they are taking the armband from Henry. Gotta love what Cahill brought to the team this year.


  • Pico

    Ha! You know articles like this one are going to drive Metrofanatic fans nuts… I can just see the site imploding on 3, 2, 1. Poof!


    • Bobb

      In attitude, sure.
      In effectiveness, he is the offensive-Marquez. Meaning, not worth DP money, at least so far.


  • George

    Cahill won’t get the armband in 2013, which is unfortunate. Henry acts like a girl off the pitch, but you have to hand it to him, he can move the ball real well, he can absolutely bury it in the net, and when he doesn’t feel like it, he creates opportunities for his teammates instead. Plus, he’s got enough clout to keep upper management from doing anything to make him furieux.

    I could see Cahill getting it in 2014 if he puts up the numbers next year.


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