Chivas USA considering Ramirez for head coaching job

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Chivas USA is still searching for a head coach after parting ways with Robin Fraser, and the recent dismissal of special advisor Johan Cruyff from Chivas Guadalajara has left a cloud of uncertainty about just who will handle the responsibility of finding a replacement for Fraser.

If that task really does fall to team owner Jorge Vergara, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Goats are considering hiring someone with no head coaching experience, but with ties to both Chivas USA and Chivas Guadalajara.

Chivas USA is considering hiring former Mexican national team star and Chivas USA captain Ramon Ramirez to be the team’s next head coach, sources told SBI on Thursday.

Ramirez spent the 2005 season, Chivas USA’s first, with the team before returning to Mexico. A long-time player for Chivas Guadalajara, Ramirez made 121 appearances for the Mexican national team.

While Ramirez has the pedigree as a former Chivas USA and Chivas Guadalajara player, what he doesn’t have is head coaching experience. He wouldn’t be the first former player to step into a head coaching role without experience in MLS, Jason Kreis, Ben Olsen and Jay Heaps are recent examples, but Ramirez only spent one season in MLS as a player (seven years ago) and would likely have to hire a coaching staff with MLS experience.

The Goats had been linked to former Chivas Guadalajara head coach Efrain Flores two months ago, but the news on that front has gone cold. Chivas USA has also recently been linked to former U.S. National team and Los Angeles Galaxy head coach Steve Sampson, who was spotted having lunch with Vergara recently.

When asked about a move to Chivas USA last Saturday, Sampson told SBI that he was definitely interested in the job, but that nothing was signed yet.

One scenario that might make sense is hiring both Sampson and Ramirez as a package deal, with Ramirez as the head coach and Sampson as assistant head coach. Given Vergara’s volatile ownership style it is a good bet that whoever is hired as Chivas USA head coach would probably not last the entire season.

What do you think of this development? See Ramirez being a good fit? Surprised Jesse Marsch isn’t being mentioned as a candidate?

Share your thoughts below.

  • ed - houston

    what? no comments? LOL. seriously, Chiva USA need to get their crap together and the owner is not helping.


    • Zeke Chinaski

      Best idea I have heard was from a branding perspective. This was spelled out by a guest on the Best Soccer Show. Was it Ives? Don’t remember. Anyways:

      1. Get rid of Chivas name (It turns off LA fans of other Liga MX clubs and means nothing to non Liga MX fans).

      2. If you want to focus on the Latin population, go with Club Deportivo LA. If not, bring back the LA Aztecs.

      3. Adopt a bad boy image that contrasts with the wholesome Galaxy aura. Put a skull and crossbones in the shield. Do the whole Oakland Raiders thing.

      4. Get a downtown stadium in a cool bohemian area of the city.

      5. And yes improve the quality of play. That’s a given.

      Make them the anti-suburban, anti-Galaxy bad boys of the league. Unfortunately the current owner seems to be doubling down on the whole Chivas farm team identity.


      • Michael Farrow

        Everybody is on the same page, it’s just Vergara who didn’t get the memo.


  • chip

    Nobody comments because nobody cares about chivas. Owner has alienated himself and his team to the American public…that nobody cares.


  • elmatador

    I can’t even stand the name “Chivas USA”, if MLS wants to be a top league by 2022, that team or name have to change.


  • bottlcaps

    Not to denigrate Ramirez, who was a fine player and maybe a fine coach in the future, but having another rookie coach AND who know little of the MLS structure is another recipe for a failed season. DO they have ANYONE getting ready for the Superdraft? I hope their scouting hasn’t self-destructed with the coaching.

    To be a successful coach in the MLS, you need to identify potential players, from the college level, international and existing MLS players, who will fit well with your team concept.

    It sounds like Vergera is taking seriously the “Major League” recipe for team building:

    Manager: What exactly is our team concept?

    Owner: That’s what I wanted to talk to you about, Ramon.

    Owner: I wanna put together a team that’ll help us relocate to Miami.

    Manager: What do you mean? Some of these guys are furniture movers?


    • Gary Page

      In addition to the things you mention, any manager/general manager has to be knowledgeable and able to work with the salary cap and designated player slots. MLS is really a different animal from other leagues and to bring in someone new is pretty much a recipe for disaster.


  • NakedAnimals

    Chivas USA is a insult to soccer and American soccer. It alienates non-Chivas fans and non-Mexicans. MLS was so desperate for money they allowed these guys to expand into the league, this club is a complete joke.


  • betamaile

    Who cares? The only reason I’m commenting is to throw my support behind the “Chivas USA is an embarrassment to MLS and LA” crowd. Please end this failed experiment immediately.


  • White Kix

    Before Fraser was hired, Wynalda, Ramirez and Suarez were pitching themselves as a coaching package with Wynalda as the head coach. I thought Chivas should have gone that route then. If they bring in Ramirez and he brings Wynalda in, I could see them making Chivas as actual team again. Sure it may backfire, but this is Chivas, so there is no risk involved, I mean it can’t get any worse.


    • Luis

      I agree, after last season the name that pops in my head to take the coaching job would be Wynalda. After that, they need to focus on acquiring a stronger defense and midfield.


  • Hmmmm

    All you can do is sigh and shake your head. And then laugh. And then bang your head against the wall because it will feel better when you stop.


    • Gary Page

      +1. So true. The organization seems hopeless. Actually, it seems more like a dis-organization.


  • The Imperative Voice

    Is it possible that Ramirez, the loyal Chivas employee, is being used (perhaps with his acquiesence) to get Sampson to compromise on salary and benefits or some such aspect of his terms? In and of itself Ramirez does not sound like a bright choice — I think Sampson or Flores are their best choices and better than what the other teams seem to be thinking of — but maybe Ramirez is just a means to an end.


  • ELAC

    Wait to pile it on guys and we deserve it. I know my owner sucks but a disgrace to American soccer? Wow.

    Host of “What the Flock?!” – A Chivas USA podcast
    STH since 2007


    • chris

      Yes an absolute disgrace to MLS. They need to kill this franchise and never speak of it again.


    • Bob Davis


      It’s that name. If you guys just changed your name most people would back off. Talk to ownership. Call yourself Club Deportivo Los Angeles or Sporting Club Los Angeles (which would be a direct translation) or anything else but that name. Good Luck


      • Bill Davidsons

        The name change would not solve everything but boy would that help.


  • Chris

    I love everyone that hates on Chivas, and Vegara, when he kicked started the next wave of expansion by buying into the league (and at the time putting down a large chunk of money) when many others were skeptical of the league’s survival. Sure, Vergara’s an idiotic blowhard, and Chivas have slumped considerably over the last two seasons, but some of you guys need to chill out (looking at you, Mr. “Disgrace,” seriously, wtf?) Switch to decaf, go to a yoga class, something, it’s just a game. Take a look around the league, there are a few other teams that are pretty bad off themselves, honestly, other than a name that you (obviously) don’t like, what’s the difference?


    • Chris

      As for the coaching matter, I love to see Marsch brought in, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen. Other than that, I’d be interested to see what the Wynalda, Ramirez, Suarez three headed coaching monster could do. Anything is better than Sampson at this point.


  • the guy whose comments are actually meaningful instead of just hating on Chivas USA

    wow you guys Chivas USA do have fans, in fact I am one, but lets face it…this article was not very easy to access so that may be why not many Chivas USA fans commented, but on Facebook, you actually will see Chivas USA fans’ comments.
    I am a Chivas USA fan, and seeing these candidates makes me kinda pissed. Unless Ramirez can get Marsch, Suarez and Wynalda back a his staff for the job like they tried to do before Fraser got the job.
    How About Denis Hamlett? I remember when he was a candidate. Hamlett was the head coach of the Chicago fire when they were a good team. That right there is mls experience. He led Chicago to 2 MLS Eastern Conference Finals and a Superliga Final.
    Sampson is a coach none of the fans want to coach the team, and keep in mind he has always been a failed candidate for a reason.
    Not to mention his last job was in 2006 with the um oh yeah……..LA Galaxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How about bringing in a coach who is not a Galaxy washup, but someone who has Chivas in his blood? That is a great source for the passion it takes for this team to get through the entire season without burning out……which has been the issue with Fraser..he can get his team to play well then burn out in August then end up looking like they’re way worse than they actually are.
    Bringing in Marsch and Suarez would bring back very influential faces who were here when Chivas USA were a winning team.
    Be smart Vergara…


    • The Imperative Voice

      Sampson has popularity problems but a Galaxy title and USMNT qualification with one loss are nothing to sniff at. It’s not his fault Harkes was with Wynalda’s wife and he felt he had to handle a personnel issue with Harkes while not putting the dirty laundry on the street. He does come across a little bit of a jerk but unless he’s Nowak-bad, it’s a results business.

      So, why no Sampson in LA? Because he worked for the Galaxy? Cut off nose to spite face? They haven’t been competitive since the Bradley/ Preki period.


      • Nic

        Because we’ll never come from out of the shadows of the galaxy if we keep being its trash can. We need to forge our own history and own identity. Most of you fans don’t like us we get it. But most of us just don’t feel represented by your respective clubs. We finally have our own club to get behind and you guys want us gone. Regardless, I hope we get el Chelis. Him or Efrain Flores. All the others are unproven quantities that will just produce the same results as robin Fraser and Martin Vasquez


      • Michael Farrow

        Sampson’s a dreadful coach. Landon Donovan won him that MLS Cup and the team rallied around despite Sampson rather than because of him. His regular season bears out that he doesn’t have a clue.


  • marco

    bring van ship. He speaks english and it seems that players in guadalajara dont seem to relate


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