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Chivas USA, Timbers swap spots in allocation ranking



Chivas USA and the Portland Timbers swapped spots in the 2013 allocation ranking order via trade, both clubs announced on Wednesday.

The Goats traded their second-overall position in the allocation ranking in exchange for the Portland Timbers’ third-overall position and either a 2013 international roster spot or a second round pick in the 2013 MLS SuperDraft. Portland currently does not have a second round pick, so the Timbers would need to acquire one in order for Chivas USA to receive it.

What do you think of this trade? Wondering if Chivas USA will regret making this trade? Impressed with all of the Timbers moves so far this offseason?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Dinho

    So, Portland moves up one position in the allocation and potentially gives up an international roster spot? Seems pretty one-sided in the Goats’ favor. Portland HAS to know something that others don’t…. let the speculation begin.

    Herc and Boca on their way back to MLS. Who else?

    Come on, conjecture, speculation, guesswork, bring it on!?!?


  • CrazyMike366

    DaMarcus Beasley would be an ideal wide-right forward in Porter’s 4-3-3. Does Chicago still hold his rights? If not, trading up a spot in the allocation might be a good move.


  • Vince the pince

    Gavin Wilknson was on Extra Time Radio and he hinted that they were closing in on johny Bornstein and Robbie Findley.. Take it for what its worth…


  • IgnerAnt

    Is there a previous post on this blog, or a good resource someone could point to, identifying/explaining all the different off-season acquisition phases/mechanisms for MLS to a newish fan? Not new to soccer, just new to really trying to follow MLS. Between Generation Adidas, Homegrown Players, the Draft, the SuperDraft, the Re-Entry Draft– I’m frigging confused all the time.


      • IgnerAnt

        Wow, thanks beto, the explanations all appear to be on that Pressbox site. Which is not to say that I understand them, but they’re there. Is there any other league which is so stinking complicated? Good lord. I mean, I get that there are probably fairly good reasons for the complications… but that is crazy.
        Also, follow-up: I gather that Re-Entry draft is basically just for players who have already been in the league but their current (well, former) team doesn’t want to re-sign them. This puts them into a draft status– which means there aren’t really any true free agents in the league who are able to go wherever they choose, basically? In the sense that if you’re out of contract, another team can decide, “We’re picking you up in the reentry draft, so you’ll sign with us, period?”


      • Northzax

        Correct. There is no Curt Flood style free agency in MLS. You can’t compare MLS to other professional leagues because of MLS’ odd corporate structure. Unlike say, the nfl, where the teams are independent corporations who mutually own a league for their collective benefit, MLS owns 51% of each team, and all contracts are signed with MLS, not the team. Technically, Landon Donovan, for instance, works for MLS, in their branch office joint venture with AEG called the LA Galaxy. (Just like I work for a large multinational in a branch office in DC, the payscale’s a bit different though) I couldn’t just leave my outpost for another branch of the same company without going through a process, right? I’d have to get the approval of my manager, the manager in Dallas, hr and fill out some forms. Same idea.


      • The Kid

        Very helpful comment, thanks Northzax. I’d love to see Soccer By Ives take on the project of doing a series of articles explaining the ins and outs of understanding the MLS as a professional league, perhaps using past examples to illustrate how the rules/process works.


      • broadsthooligans

        Would also love this. I always think I understand it fairly well, but then something like Le Toux being traded to the Union instaead of outright signing because NYRB offered a Bona Fide deal always knocks me back down.


  • Mike

    Maurice Edu hasn’t gotten ANY playing time in Stoke. I’d say either Boca or Edu might come back this way. I’d love either in a Timbers uni.


    • Bobb

      I’d lower my expectations if I was you. Guys like Boca pretty much get to decide where they will come back to. See Jay DeMerit and Freddy Adu.


    • Phil Mitchell

      Boca is old, slow and not worth the Timbers time. GW was in Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador as of late. Expect a defender from there. Besides that, well they have a bloated roster in favor of forwards and mids at the moment. With only Harrington as their lone defender addition, its going to be a long season for TA fans such as me if there is no talent brought in to supplant the outside backs that were waived and or lost in this off season mess.


      • Mike

        What USMNT players are in South America? Allocation order is used for that, not foreign players. Who would they trade up in the allocation to get that is in SA?


  • JRP

    Does anyone care? Can’t wait until the preseason rankings come out for 2013 and Portland jumps up the scale 5 slots. Everyone wants that team to succeed. But I don’t see it happening yet. Takes more than 40,000 fans to build a winning team.


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