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Crew sign Trapp as Homegrown Player


Akron midfielder Wil Trapp is leaving college and turning pro as a member of the Columbus Crew.

The Crew announced Thursday that they signed Trapp as a Homegrown Player, making him the fourth Homegrown signing in franchise history after Matt Lampson, Ben Speas and Aaron Horton.

The 19-year-old Trapp joins the Crew after two seasons at Akron, where he scored one goal and had eight assists under Caleb Porter en route to earning back-to-back All-MAC First Team honors. Trapp has also played for the U.S. Under-20 Men’s National Team.

“It’s definitely exciting to get to play close to home,” Trapp, a Gahanna native, told the Crew’s website. “It’s a dream come true to be able to play in front of the hometown fans, along with my family and friends. I’m very excited and I look forward to the things to come.”

Per club and league policy, details of the deal were not disclosed.

What do you think of Trapp signing a Homegrown contract with the Crew? Expecting him to see some time in 2013?

Share your thoughts below.

  • dan

    Ives…. how many homegrown players signed this off-season by MLS teams? do you see this as the MLS academies finally having payoff – with the help of college ball?


    • adam

      id say its a combination of both. eventually, the mls will look to do away with/minimize the draft/generation addias and put the onus on the teams to develop and discover players. it’s great that teams are starting to develop and sign players, but the system will only work if they continue to get games. unfortunately we’ve seen situations (NY comes to mind) where the players are signed and basically used as practice cones. these guys need to get games in addition to training. my guess, we’ll start seeing players signed to homegrown deals and loaned out..


  • Gordo Stretch

    Great pickup for the Crew. I haven’t seen Trapp play, but he’s done well everywhere he’s been. The homegrowns can be a great story for MLS, but it will be a challenge to develop them – With a limited number of reserve games, these guys feel a lot of pressure to play with the senior team.


    • Shane

      Yes, the limited number of reserve games is a problem. One of the reasons why I think a guy like Trapp would be better served staying at Akron, which has a professional environment and plays meaningful games. Out of season, he can play with the Columbus reserves. Until MLS teams can provide a meaningful reserve experience, I think they should let their homegrowns stay in college. Look at what has happened to Omar Salgado. He has probably not even gotten 120 meaningful minutes. Instead he could be playing for a top college program and getting valuable experience from playing in the NCAA tournament.


    • Bobb

      In fifty years we will look back on the Columbus Crew name and logo as classic/iconic and anyone who even suggests changing them will be savagely beaten.
      Even now, less than two decades later, it’s actually the only logo from the 96 originals that stands up (others like LA and DC made serious improvements to their original logos).


  • Massive

    I think this is great. Will Trapp could be a great player. It’s just a terrible shame that he’s going to be wasted being coached by Robert Warzycha. Here’s hoping he isn’t ruined by the Polish Rifle.


  • Skeleton Crew

    Correct me if I am wrong but playing with the Crew Reserves (on contract) would negate his elegibility due to NCAA rules. He wouldnt be able to go back to Akron.

    That being said, the Crew have Barson, Speas, Horton, Trapp, and Lampson all on HG (according the internets)
    Even if 1 of the 5 pan out thats a success rate to be proud of for the Youth Academy.


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