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DeBontin talks RBNY with Bloomberg News

New York Red Bulls general manager Jerome deBontin has made a point to let people know that the Red Bulls are going to be doing a lot of things differently now under new management, and in his recent interview with Bloomberg News, he even revealed a change in his own philosophies on certain aspects of MLS.

What has changed for DeBontin? After initially expressing skepticism about placing an expansion team in New York when he first took the job as Red Bulls general manager, DeBontin stated on Monday that he was very much in favor of another team in the New York market.

 “Every time a new professional soccer club opens America, I have to rejoice and I have to be happy. There’s clearly enough space in New York for two or three teams. Everyone at the league is supportive of that idea. We as shareholders of the league join all our colleagues in saying that it would be terrific to have the competition in New York. If it does come three years away, it does give the Red Bulls plenty of time to do our work. At Red Bull we tend to say that the brand gives us wings. If I do a good job, buy the time we land in three years a new team in New York will be ready for the competition.”

DeBontin’s u-turn comes after MLS commissioner Don Garber was quoted recently as saying he was sure DeBontin would see things the league’s way, and apparently he now does.

DeBontin discussed  wide range of topics, from improving attendance to increasing the team’s emphasis on college scouting, and more. Here is the full video interview:


What do you think of the comments made by DeBontin? Starting to buy into the new Red Bulls regime? Still skeptical that they will turn things around?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Eugene

    Bizarre interview… I guess he feels he needs to get out in front of new media channels to promote the club. Interesting that he did a complete about face on a 2nd NYC franchise. A lot of the comments frankly sound like a talking head pitching the party line.


    • Chris

      Well he is the talking head pitching the “party line”. The major difference here is that the “party line” has significantly shifted since he came on board.

      * Trades made for proven MLS players
      * Dropping a number of players who, while good, were not at the salary/skill ratio important for the international slot
      * Potentially (hopefully) sending Marquez to Mexico
      * Re-signing Connor and Brandon

      Plus he mentioned a number of things that haven’t been done ever like focusing on the draft and growing the youth players on the team to achieve their potential. While the interview is certainly a “talking head” interview that’s exactly what you should expect from someone at his level of the organization.


    • T-lover

      Well NFL seems, to like a similar system, oh yeah don’t they make 12 billion a year. A lot of idiots we have in America.


      • Scott A

        Haha! Yes, NFL’s single-entity structure is a bit boring to me as well, and yes, we do have a lot of idiots in America like anywhere else, but it’s not because they follow a single-entity league. Something can make a lot of money and still be imperfect, hurr-durr. I wasn’t even arguing for MLS to cease being single-entity simp. Like.


    • Charles

      This year ended yesterday, but you should watch next years EPL. DEFINITELY NOT single entity/parity league.


    • Gnarls

      It sucks, but it’s the system we’re stuck with. The lack of dynamism is boring. Same teams every season, no real punishment for failure, etc. But like I said, it’s the system we have and it’s not going to change.


  • Bobb

    As is customary for NYRB execs brought over from Europe, he had to start off by putting his foot in his mouth.
    Saying how well he knew the league (lol wtf?), and that he opposed a second NY team. It didn’t take long for Garber to put the smack down and put him in his place, even saying that DeBontin was new and didn’t understand MLS. Now of course DeBontin has done a U turn, because going against the league is NOT how you want to start off your tenure here. Maybe one day NYRB will hire people who aren’t Euro-know-it-alls…


    • JJ

      DeBontin has been on the board of trustees of the United States Soccer Foundation for a number of years and has lived in the United States for some time. So I think he probably does know the league quite well. He may be a “know-it-all”; but, you can’t accurately assert that he doesn’t know anything about US soccer.


  • Bilbo Mitchell

    I can’t watch this/listen to him talk without thinking of the piece here on SBI a few weeks back talking of the ‘input’ being exerted by Henry’s people.


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