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Injury scare for Messi in UEFA Champions League

FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi came into Wednesday’s UEFA Champions League match against Benfica as a second-half substitute, with observers hoping to see him score a record-breaking goal.

What they witnessed instead was Messi going to the ground clutching his left knee, in the kind of pain we just aren’t used to seeing him show. The Argentine goal machine was injured after colliding with goalkeeper Artur in the 85th minute a scoreless draw in a match that mattered little to Barcelona, which had already clinched a place in the Round of 16.

“In principle, it’s just a knock, but we have to wait for results of further tests,” Barcelona manager Tito Vilanova said after the match. “The feeling is it’s not bad, but it’s early.”

Here is video of the injury:


Messi was on the verge of breaking Gerd Muller’s record for goals in a calendar year. He is sitting on 84 goals, and has four more matches in the Spanish First Division to break the record, though just how many of those matches Messi can actually play won’t be known until Messi’s left knee has been thoroughly examined.

  • fischy

    It’s not really a knock. There was not a lot of contact. I actually tore my right ACL and meniscus trying to send a cross into the box, and did the same to my left a year later when I hyperextended it like Messi appears to do as the goalie catches him. It could just be a bit of a sprain, but I wouldn’t want to bet on that.


    • A

      “Official: Further tests have confirmed Messi picked up a knock on his left knee, availability for next game depends on recovery in next days”

      Tell us more about how you examined Messi after he left the field–it sounds like you really have some insider knowledge.


      • fischy

        Would be good news, if that’s all it was. Tests are good. Both my ACL tears were misdiagnosed by a doctor who didn’t think I needed tests — or that she didn’t need tests to make her diagnosis. Amazing how sometimes even experienced and trained professionals can make an examination — in person — and still get it utterly wrong.


      • fischy

        You’re nothing if not consistent.

        Can anybody tolerate you offline?


      • A

        Tell us more about how you got called out for telling the officials they were wrong when it was you who was wrong.


      • fischy

        I told someone they were wrong? Officials? What officials? Wrong about what?

        And, what was I wrong about? About my injuries? Actually, I was right all along — but I had a helluva time convincing doctors that I knew more about what had happened to my knee than they did.

        I have no idea what you are talking about, but then again neither do you.


      • Jeremy

        And you can tell us more about what an ahole you appear to be. Jesus christ the guy was just explaining what happened with his knee and how sometimes things can be worse than they seem.


  • K

    That is not Artur Boruc. That is Artur Moraes. Boruc (a former Celtic player) plays for Southhampton now.


  • Cook

    Talk about drama, only a few games left and he comes up with an ingury.
    I read that it wasn’t that bad, a bone bruse of some kind.

    I really hope he gets well and puts two in to break the record.


  • Bobb

    Not sure how anyone could root against Messi to break the record. Same goes for Wondo in MLS. You may not support their teams, but it’s hard to dislike certain players (see Stu Holden).


  • Boniface Clinton Emmanuel

    i pray that my hero Lionel Messi recovers fast because he have mission to acomplish,he is not only going to break muller record but he is going to creat a new record.hero get well.


  • THomas

    This did make me think that I have never really ever seen messi get hurt before, has he ever missed a prolonged period due to injury?


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