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Messi scores twice to break world record, netting 86 in 2012

Lionel Messi returned to action on Sunday and not only did he show no ill effects of the knee injury suffered in Wednesday’s Champions League match against Benfica, he scored two impressive goals to mark his place in soccer history.

Messi scored his 85th and 86th goals of the calendar year on Sunday, helping Barcelona post a 2-1 victory against Real Betis, and helping him break Gerd Muller’s record for official goals in a calendar year (combined official club matches and national team matches).

Muller set the record in 1972 when he scored a combined 85 goals for Bayern Munich and the West German national team.

In case you missed it, here is Messi’s record-breaking goal:

What do you think of Messi’s 86-goal campaign? Best season ever? Still shocked he came back so soon from the knee injury? Think he can get to 90 before the new year?

Share your thoughts below.

  • beto

    think he can get to 90? Absolutely! with Cordoba (2x), Athletico, Valladolid in the next few weeks


  • Leonardo

    no one is better in our generation. now he just needs to win 2 world cups to be the greatest ever.


      • Leonardo

        not as bad as we might think at first. at least pull one off. then he can be subbed in Qatar … it could happen…


    • Kevin_H

      Perhaps he needs to win 2 world cups for most people to consider him the greatest ever, but I already peg him there. Try to imagine how godly Messi would have been decades ago, when the average football player was less fit and not as tactically sharp.


  • Good Jeremy

    I don’t know about best ever, but he tops Zidane, Ronaldo (Brasil), and Romario from what I have seen to be the best player in my lifetime. The only comparable player I can think of is Alexi Lalas.

    To think that before this year there was a hot debate about whether him or Ronaldo was better.


    • fischy

      Yeah, but Lalas did what he did coming from the back, while still shutting town opponents.

      By the way, there was a debate about Messi and which Ronaldo.


  • bizzy

    The man is Immortal in the world of soccer. To be able to accomplish such a task at a period when the coaches/teams are more prepared and better trained, the athleticism and level of skill/talent from goalkeepers to midfielders to strikers are far better than it ever was as a whole, the level and pace of the game is faster more physical more technical…….there is no equal in the game as of this moment


    • MO

      What you say is not true in the Spanish league. There are two team of the calibre you describe. Gerd Muller scored more than a goal per game for Germany, Messi doesnt come close to that for Argentina.


      • A

        Which is why La Liga is the top ranked league over the past 5 years and has teams like Getafe who tied Bayern Munich over a home and home in the UEFA cup or

        Malaga who is undefeated in the Champions League currently or
        Sevilla who took first place in their Champions League group over Arsenal just a couple years back.
        Valencia who is currently in the round of 16 of the Champions League.
        Atletico Madrid who has won Europe league 2 of the first 3 competitions. Atletico Madrid that pasted Chelsea in the SuperCup.

        I can keep going, but yeah.


  • JJ

    If only Argentina had a solid back line they would be in major contenion to win in Brazil. I still think they can go far but i do not think their dept in the back is good enough.


  • Matt

    It doesn’t matter if he wins the World Cup or not. Stop adding “if”s or “but”s. Messi has to be in consideration for the best player ever.


  • Austie Clay

    Just wondering – how many game did Mueller play in his record year vs. how many games Messi has played this year?


    • A

      Messi played in 6 more games, but there’s a caveat in Muller’s goal scoring. There was a freak scheduling accident in that season of the Bundesliga that left several teams without playing time for over a month near the start of the season, so they crafted a one-time tournament with some top B1 teams and then a few amateur/lower division teams. Muller scored 12 goals in 5 games in that stop-gap tournament against local clubs, which is the only reason he got that high in the first place.


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