Real Madrid-Man United headlines UEFA Champions League Round of 16

Manchester United will take on Real Madrid in the most high-profile clash of the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 after the two powerhouses were drawn against each other  on Thursday morning.

The dream tilt will provide plenty of storylines, from Sir Alex Ferguson facing Jose Mourinho, to Cristiano Ronaldo returning to Old Trafford.

That wasn’t the only high-profile match-up drawn. FC Barcelona will take on AC Milan in another clash of traditional powerhouses. Milan is down this year, while Barcelona will be heavily favored, but it should still be a worthwhile match-up to watch.

The most fun Round of 16 match-up to watch could feature Borussia Dortmund’s exciting clash against Shakhtar Donetsk. That clash features two young and dangerous teams that love to attack in waves.

Arsenal didn’t draw Barcelona again, but did find a tough match-up in German powerhouse Bayern Munich, which will look to improve on last year’s second-place finish in the UEFA Champions League.

Here is the full Round of 16 draw:

UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Draw

Manchester United vs. Real Madrid

FC Barcelona vs. AC Milan

Bayern Munich vs. Arsenal

Borussia Dortmund vs. Shakhtar Donetsk

Juventus vs. Celtic

Malaga vs. Porto

Paris St. Germain vs. Valencia

Schalke vs. Galatasaray


The Round of 16 will take place over two legs on Feb. 12/13 and Feb. 19/20.

What do you think of the draw? What match-up are you most excited to see? What match-up other than Manchester United-Real Madrid are you most looking forward to?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Boriuano_10 Twitter

    Ronaldo back at Old Trafford is the most exciting, but Borussia Dortmund vs Shakhtar Donetsk is definitely a must watch for attacking crazed minded fans.


  • nato

    This is how the CL should be. League champion and domestic cup champion through each of the top 16 leagues


  • JJ

    just proves the premire league is not the best league in the world if everyone is already writing both of them off


    • Old School

      This is proof because people are making assumptions? Perception isn’t always reality.

      Personally, I can’t stand United or their supporters but even I wouldn’t be so cynical to count out a side managed by Ferguson.


    • broadsthooligans

      This isn’t really true. The Premier League is considered the best league in the world because of its combination of talent and relative parity; all this shows is that other leagues have individual clubs that are clearly better than Englands best. If there are two Spanish teams still in the tournament after all the English teams have played would that really mean La Liga is better the EPL? Comparing how their mid-table teams would do against each other is a much more valid comparison for best league.
      Who you would take in a match up of Rayo Vallecano v Swansea City would be more significant.


    • biff

      I am not a fan of Man U. at all, but think (famous last words) they will kick Madrid’s royal you-know-what and bad. And that outcome, although painful, would probably result in good news the next day for Madrid fans…


  • Nate Dollars

    yessss, at least one of real madrid – man u will not make it to the quarters! although i guess it would be better if both could lose…


  • nato

    Madrid, Barca, Galatarsaay, PSG, BM, Malaga, Dortmund, Juventus. To me I see a final with PSG and Juventus. but thats me


  • bottlcaps

    I think Celtic have a pretty good chance of beating Juventus. Although this is not the same Juventus that Fulham and Dempsey beat a few seasons ago in the Europa League, it is better, so is the Celtic Team. Lets face it, Celtic almost beat Barca TWICE , and Juventus kind of struggled in group play. Real Madrid has been playing worse than Man U in league play, so this game depends on which team can pick it up a notch. As Ronaldo seems to go missing in big games, you have to favor Man U, slightly. Both American, Onyewu and Jones, got good draws and should advance.


    • biff

      Celtic beat Barca at home in a great, historic win and almost had a tie, losing it late in the game in a heartbreaker…

      As for Jones at Schalke moving on, I would have agreed with you six weeks ago. But a lot of internal problems the past few weeks ending in the firing of coach Huub Stevens Sunday and the DFB Pokal loss Tuesday to Mainz under new coach (until summer) Kramer, formerly Schalke’s U-17 coach who is clearly out of his depth, plus never-ending contract extension shenanigans by prima donas Klaus Jan Huntelaar and Lewis Holtby, who have been playing like crup…well, add all that together and I am not optimistic about Schalke’s chances of moving to the quarter finals. It’s a shame and I, for one, think that Stevens, who did great things with the team since taking over September 2011, got the royal shaft and I think there is a chance his firing is going to backfire big time. We shall see.


      • biff

        Celtic beat Barca at home in a great, historic win and almost had a tie *in Barcelona*…


  • Gabriel Terlumun

    The match btw man u and madrid is a high provile game which would demand caution, the final whistle will decide the winner.


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