SBI Live Q&A

SBI Live Q&A (Dec. 19th Edition)

Good afternoon everybody (and good morning on the West Coast). It’s time for us to talk all things soccer in the latest SBI Live Q&A.

If you want to talk about the U.S. Men’s National team, MLS, college soccer, international soccer or the latest in movies, TV or music, feel free to join us now as I answer questions on these topics and more for the next few hours.

Get your questions ready and join me (SBI Live Q&A is after the jump):


  • Andy

    Ives, is there a way we can be notified by email or something when someone responds to our comment on an article? I like to keep up with people’s replies, etc!


    • ...

      Under the “post comment” button, there’s a check box that says “notify me of followup comments via e-mail.”


  • jason

    I was hoping to ask a question, I had a good one…I mean, you were taking personal questions about movie choices and multiple questions from people. What’s the criteria for you answering questions?


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