Major League Soccer

SBI talking MLS on the podcast circuit

With so much going on in Major League Soccer this week following Saturday’s MLS Cup Final, I have had a chance to make some guest appearances on a couple of podcasts to talk about the trades, the coaching searches and everything going in in MLS.

I spoke with the folks at MLS in 30, and we talked about the MLS Cup, as well as the flurry of trades in MLS earlier this week. Give the show a listen here.

For New York Red Bulls fans, I spoke with the guys at the Seeing Red podcast, including SBI staff writer Dave Martinez, and we discussed everything from potential coaching candidates to the team’s recent trades. Give that show a listen here.

For those wondering, yes, an SBI podcast is on the 2013 Wish List, and with the re-design  finally completed on the site, I would call the SBI Podcast our top priority heading into the new year (well, second after finding a new crop of writers to fill out our staff).

Give the shows a listen and let me know what you think of the discussions and the topics covered, and let me know if you think an SBI podcast is something we need to add.

  • Nate

    To be honest, I think you may have missed your opportunity in the soccer podcast market. I am already a diehard follower of The Best Soccer Show, Big Head Red Head, Extratime, and the SI Soccer Roundtable. My plate is pretty full now.


    • Yo-Joe

      C’mon Nate! Ives is the best. Squeeze SBI’s podcast into your schedule (or dump one you listen to now) because you know it’s going to be good.


    • jon

      “the soccer podcast market”? We’re not talking about crude oil futures here. All podcasts are different and Ives is a one and only


      • Nate

        Lol… “Soccer podcast market” was probably a bad choice of words since there is little to no money to be made currently. Ives is the man. An Ives and Goff pod would be epic.


      • Bobb

        Ives and Goff, I would definitely listen to that.
        Even the name “Ives and Goff” works.


    • TomG

      Best Soccer Show is excellent. Extratime is pretty limited in scope for my tastes, and SI Roundtable comes out so sporadically and it doesn’t come out on Stitcher (though I’m thankful at least that the human Ambien, Jen Chang, is no longer part of the roundtable). I haven’t tried Big Head Red Head, thanks for the heads up on that, but I see that it also comes out pretty sporadically too, with sometimes a month or more between shows, so I think there’s still definitely a niche for Ives, especially if he’s regular about his shows like Best Soccer Show is. Total Soccer Show is also good, as is Yanks Abroad, although they post about 10 shows per year.

      The trick will be putting out something of quality and finding a partner or 2 that Ives’ has natural chemistry with. We all know Ives’ knowledge is second to none, and he’s an excellent writer, but podcasting is a different animal and the show has to be fun as well as informative if it’s going to succeed. Best Soccer Show, World Soccer Daily, etc. worked because the hosts had excellent chemistry and it was/ is always an entertaining listen even when there wasn’t much going on or they were focusing on a league or topic that you weren’t all that interested in.


      • Bobb

        Why would anyone listen to Big Head Red Head… the wisdom of Taylor Twellman! He’s almost on Wynalda’s level in that when I hear him talk I wonder, “If not for soccer would that dude have graduated from high school?”


  • Matt

    Ives, as a regular listener to Seeing Red I had already heard your guest spot before seeing this post… I’m wondering if you’d provide a pronunciation guide for your name because Mark said your name a few different ways? I don’t think Dave did but he says “Robels” instead of “Robles” even though his own name is Martinez. 😉


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