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U.S. Soccer unveils name, logo of new women's league

U.S. Soccer has revealed the name and logo for the new women’s league that is set to begin play in spring 2013.

The new eight-team league will be called the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and the logo features the silhouette of a female player about to shoot the ball. NWSL has already launched its official Twitter account, and is expected to unveil a website in the near future.

Seven of the eight clubs that will comprise the league have announced their team names and they are the Boston Breakers, Chicago Red Stars, FC Kansas City, Portland Thorns FC, Washington Spirit, and Western New York Flash. Seattle has still yet to announce their team name.

What do you think of the name? Are you a fan of the logo? Which team name is your favorite?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Heft

    Portland, Boston, and Chicago have some good names.

    I’d like to see this idea get off the ground. It’s going to take some smart marketing, and low overhead. I’d support a Houston NWSL club.


  • Dan

    if they had ANY brains in marketing…they would have womens teams associated withthe established men’s MLS and play right before scheduled games..pull in additional fans for a ‘doubleheader’ AND build exposure


    • Wendell Gee

      You honestly don’t think they thought of that? What do you think MLS likely said about the idea?


  • Graham Costigan-Cripps

    I would love to see this league join with the other teams in the MLS and be able to use their stadiums, it would be very successful if you can join the leagues sort of like what the Premier League does


  • el paso tx wants NASL

    if a women soccer league wants to make it, then work with Mls. Make the women play before the men and even have the same name. As for the league name, is alright and the logo is better than MLS. Hopefully the league grows and partners with MLS one day, just like I want NASL to become MLS2 and USL should be MLS3. As for MLS, they need a new logo as soon as they hit 20 teams. For example if the mexican league has a new name,new logo, league theme song, then why not MLS. I would the name of NAPL north america premier league or NAP1 north america premier 1 or something unique but american with the colors of the USA flag in the logo but don’t put the word soccer in the league name because that is so unoriginal.


  • el paso tx wants NASL

    By the way, I have never been able to find other names that the MLS were thinking of using and logo. Oh and that name chicago red stars is better than fire and crew, earthquakes, revolution, real salt lake 🙂


  • ziggy

    The women blew off MLS after the ’99 WWC hoopla when they started WUSA. Let ’em squirm a while. The only women’s pro team league that has lasted is WNBA, and that’ll sink when Stern retires next year


  • Sean

    Adidas Owns the apparel rights with MLS while NWSL has a contract with Nike. This is why NWSL cannot share names or back to back games with MLS. Portland wanted to call their team the Timbers.


  • nato

    North American Premier League. I love it or NAPLS. BUt yes 20-24 teams with a 2nd division with 12-16 teams. Thats how Id like it in a decade or 2 from now on with a semi-pro 3rd division. Maybe even 16 teams in the womens league


  • psu2dcu

    As much as I wish them all the best, I just don’t think Women’s game is commercially viable. They just don’t have a business model that works.

    Unfortunately, I see 2 to 3 more years and out.


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