U.S. Women's National Team

USWNT add second Scotland friendly in Nashville to open 2013

Photo by ISIphotos.com

The U.S. Women’s National Team will be well acquainted with Scotland and the southeast by the time February 2013 ends.

The United States will host Scotland at LP Field in Nashville, Tenn. on Feb. 13 in a friendly that will mark the Olympic gold medalists’ second match under new head coach Tom Sermanni. The game will be part of a two-game set against Scotland, who the U.S. open 2013 against at EverBank Field in Jacksonville, Fla. on Feb. 9.

The game will also be the Americans’ third straight in the southeast. The United States just defeated China, 4-1, in their Fan Tribute Tour finale in Boca Raton, Fla. this past Saturday.

What do you think of the U.S. Women’s National Team playing Scotland in Nasvhille? Wishing a different city would have hosted this game? Surprised by how many consecutive games the southeast is receiving?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Hilltopper

    Why Nashville in February??? It will be super cold and not many people will come out to see them. Bad choice.


  • Jon

    Should we infer that this means no USMNT in either city in 2013?

    So if the USSF thinks they have to throw the SE or FL a game in 2013, then it has to be Tampa?


  • Dianne

    Dollywood, here I come. Just kidding. USWNT in Nashville? Cool. I’ll fly down to TN mid-week to support. Unless Loretta Lynn’s in town or my famed country-Carter kin, why else would I jet to Nashville? I want to try grits and take in all that homey Nashville Americana.


    • Rory Miller

      Nashville usually gets a pretty decent snow about that time of year. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to go see the ladies play a lesser opponent in the cold. This better not be a consolation prize for not getting a WCQ this go-round.


      • Dianne

        I believe their game in Detroit (in December) was a sell-out crowd, so you never know. USWNT has die-hard fans who travel just to support. Nashville in Feb can’t be all THAT bad. ::crossing fingers:: 😉 I saw them in 28 degrees outdoors in Dallas (Frisco) with wind whipping a crazy wind-chill factor and damned if that wasn’t sold out too. Great fan base from what I can tell. It helps that this team never phones it in and fights and defends to the end and even their friendly games get thrilling and dramatic. These players in this current line-up are a must see for any soccer fan. I’ve never seen anyone in the crowd disappointed for having come to see a USWNT game live in sun, sleet, or snow. Here’s hoping for a big crowd of patriotic supporters.


  • El Conductor

    I agree! This game should be held in the much better city of Chattanooga. Nashville is SO last millennium.


  • Adam

    Glad to see more soccer matches showing Nashville some love! To be honest, I think an MLS team would do well in this city too.


    • Mack

      i dont think nashville would be in my top ten cities for new franchises. great city, but i think it needs to develop more of a soccer crazy culture first or have an ownership group that is willing to sacrifice big money to try to make it work like orlando city or the guys that bought skc a few years back


  • nato

    How many friendlies does Germany or Japan or Sweden play! Our WNT play like 3 a month. PUt this money and promotion into the new womens league


    • SilverRey

      I’m getting the sense that this tour was in lieu of a professional league. Something to keep the women fit and busy until they could get the league set up. USSoccer is already on the hook for paying for a number of Nat. Teamers to play in the new league, so it’s not much of a stretch to see USS want to keep them in shape and make some mad coin in the mean time.

      All credit to them. Our national teamers get to continue to build up team rapport, fans get to see them play in or near their city, USSoccer gets a little profit from the games, players get paid. There really is little downside to the overall plan.


  • Al

    When your team is relevant, these topics just don’t seem to have the same flair as with the USMNT who are very average and have tons of room to grow and actually be a real talking point instead of how to fix their problems.


  • Shane

    Cant wait to see the women play with Sermanni at the helm. They just might be unbeatable. Someone in Australia said the rest of the world should be shaking in their boots.


  • Joseph Thornbuckler

    Nashville is a great city to host this. The US men’s team was there and I went along with a number of die hard fans. Even some of the awesome Chattahooligans from Chattanooga’s football club were there. Nashville in February could end up being 60 degrees and wonderful. That’s the south’s weather. As for “large amounts” of snow in Nashville… You clearly have a bad ruler for measuring amounts, or no understanding of weather in the south; likely both.

    Chattanooga would rock for a location. It has a great stadium, strong football fan base – they have hosted some wonderful international teams this year – and plenty of hotels within walking distance to the pitch. Don’t forget, it is a short drive from Atlanta AND Nashville.

    I am excited to see these awesome ladies play. Consider my ticket bought.


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