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Wynalda, Meola not in the running for RBNY head coaching job


With two months remaining before the start of the season, the New York Red Bulls are still without a head coach. Many options have been discussed – both domestic and European – but none have been confirmed.

SBI can now safely cross off two names from that list. Sources tell us American soccer legends Eric Wynalda and Tony Meola have been eliminated from the running.

Fox Soccer analyst Wynalda perhaps had the best inside track of the American options reported. He recently traveled to New York and met with team General Manager Jerome de Bontin. That meeting was followed by a discussion with Gerard Houllier on the West coast to discuss, in part, the head coaching vacancy. Of the available options, Wynalda has been the only American candidate to command a sit down with the Red Bull’s Global Director of Soccer.

On the other end of the spectrum is Tony Meola. The former Metrostar and New Jersey native was interviewed for a post with the club this month. Though he was ruled out for the head coaching job, sources within the club say there is a good possibility he could be considered as part of the coming coaching staff.

Sources also claim that the Red Bulls are closing in on their head coach, with the lead candidate still believed to be former Leeds United and Aston Villa boss, Gary McAllister (as first reported on SBI). Salary demands have kept both sides from agreeing on a contract, but with the MLS Draft and preseason training weeks away, the pressure is on the Red Bulls to make a move. With his ties to Houllier, who has taken a hands on approach with New York since his appointment by Austria this summer, McAllister has always maintained the inside track.

For their part, Sporting Director Andy Roxburgh, de Bontin, and Houllier have only contributed to the hold up as all three men hold strong opinions as to the direction New York should take with the appointment of their head coach.

What do you think of this latest development? Share your thoughts below.

  • MMV

    Strong opinions from Roxburgh, de Bontin, and Houllier? Does that equate to an in-house squabble and/or power struggle? If all three are already duking it out that spells trouble for NYRB. Name a damn coach, already. It’s not rocket science. I know you are looking to score big but that window is closing with every day passing.


  • bottlcaps

    This man is CLUELESS on American Sports. But they see the BIG money in US sports and they WANT a taste. The MLS is somewhere around the 5th or 6th team in attendance. That’s not good enough?? After only 18 years. Remember the Europena, south American and even Mexico has big team and Leagues, in some countries for over a 100 years. Give me a break>

    And moving the season is a big mistake and it’s not because of the stadium crunch. It would be up against the brunt of the season in Hockey NBA and college Basketball and NFL and collegiate football, instead of just baseball. I can see the MLS taking a 20-30 percent hit in attendance especially in the Clubs in the Northeast. Ever been to Columbus, Toronto, Montreal in the winter/. Even the Euro teams take big breaks then.

    This guy is a menace to his own sport.


      • Bobb

        “This man is CLUELESS on American Sports.

        This guy is a menace to his own sport.”

        How can you be so sure he’s not talking about Eric Wynalda?


  • Alex C

    Anyone interviewing for the NYRB position has to have some serious questions about what authority the head coach really has – for example what role will Henry and his agent have in making decisions such as retaining Cooper, or deciding when Cooper plays. How content is Henry to let the coach decide these kind of issues? Also will the head coach get to make a decision on Miller or other incoming/outgoing players? Needs to be a skilled politician as well as have knowledge of MLS.


  • Brain Guy

    Despite the long delay, I’m glad RBNY is looking elsewhere. Neither Wynalda nor Meola has the experience to handle this situation and this locker room. And good for de Bontin and Roxburgh (if the stories are true) for blocking the attempted slam-dunk of McAllister. Call me an optimist, but I like the idea of debate within the front office — especially if part of the resistance to the mother ship comes from the “American” de Bontin.


    • Seriously?

      Sorry, but I think you’re much more likely to have success with a smaller name coach who knows how the league and sport work in North America, as opposed to a big name from Europe, who may have experience in big leagues there, but doesn’t understand how the game works here.


  • PD

    Well, at least with Wynalda we know they’re not interested in having a 6-foot inflatable penis as a head coach….


  • unbeknownst

    I’m not a NYRB supporter but perhaps they’d be happy with either Jan Jonsson or Roland Nilsson. Those guys have extensive coaching experience on notable clubs, but not clubs that have unlimited budgets, so it’s similar to working under the a cap.

    However, If they’re going to higher foreign again then they should step-up and do whatever it takes to pry Ole Gunnar Solskjaer away. He’s a manager that might actually coach ManU one day.

    But if NY is looking to only hire a coach with MLS experience then they should take a strong look at Greg Andrulis.


  • Keith G.

    I know its not an option buy, I wish Arsenal would fire Wagner, and Henry could get him to come to the Red Bulls. The guy can handle big names, is used to working with a budget and would be great with building our youth players. Plus his style would fit the team and would work and could lead to titles.


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