Dempsey double leads Tottenham to FA Cup win

Clint Dempsey scored his second and third goals of the new year for Tottenham to help lead Spurs to a 3-0 victory over Coventry City in FA Cup Third Round action on Saturday.

Dempsey followed up his New Year’s Day goal vs. Reading with a double in his first start since coming back from a groin injury.

The U.S. National Team star steered home both goals, and also helped set up Gareth Bale’s goal when he had a goal-bound shot deflected to Bale for the finish.

Here are the highlights:

  • Karl Schneider

    As long as Dempsey is in form for WCQ, and Bradley healthy, I feel confident in our chances.


  • Old School

    GD10 says:
    January 5, 2013 at 6:05 AM

    “His [signing/Holtby] could also mean Dempsey is the odd man out unless bale is sold”

    “I’m not counting him out I’m being realistic i am a huge Dempsey fan but sometimes you have to take off your usmnt googles and realize what really going on all I’m saying Dempsey has to produce on a more consistent level”

    Like I said, at what point are you and countless others going to stop counting out Dempsey? He continues to make so many naysayers and nonbelievers foolish.


    • MemRook

      Also, Spurs aren’t getting Holtby til Summer. So the argument for now is kind of irrelevant.


    • MLSsnob

      Ha! I love how you saved a comment from several days ago to call somebody out. That’s amazing.


      • Old School

        “several days ago”….?

        The interaction was yesterday. Not nearly as exciting as you may believe.


  • Alex

    again Dempsey had no preseason!!! What dont people get? He’s in fine form no matter what level of comp Spurs played today. The man cant win; if he doesnt score then oh hes a bust; he scores two then naysayers will say oh look at the team they played.


    • Alex C

      His coach and teammates know he is playing well and fitting into the team. That’s what counts. Don’t worry about Dempsey. Adversity only makes him better.


  • Dainja

    Wow, props for finding these highlights, SBI. I looked all over for ’em. (Dempsey’s second goal was a header of beauty)


  • Mike

    Thru 16 games played in prem last year for Fulham Dempsey had 5 goals 4 assists. Thru 16 this year (with more than a handful as a sub) he has 4 goals 3 assists. Dempsey has always come on strong second half of season.


    • Edwin in LA

      That’s what i was just thinking…why are people so desperate he made most of his goalscoring fame last year in the 2nd half and he didn’t get a chance to work thru a preseason which was more crucial when he is joining a new team….

      I think he should end up with a nice 12+ goals and about 8 assists if Bale and the rest of his teammates stay healthy and Spurs continue to win and climb up the table to stay in CL territory. It wouldn’t surprise me however if Dempsey gets close to 20 goals in EPL play…for sure he could get on pace to produce similar numbers in all competitions with Spurs as he did last season with Fulham…


      • MemRook

        I didn’t get that at all. Just think he was simply stating the propensity American soccer players have for headers.


  • Heft

    I like Deuce, a fellow Texian, but it was just Coventry City of the third division in the FA Cup.


    • MemRook

      So? You gotta beat who is in front of you. Just ask Newcastle if that’s so easy. Or any other team that’s ever lost to a lower division side in the FAcup.


      • Heft

        Of course. The FA Cup is fun with the mixed divisions. If Dempsey, Ba, or RVP score against third division teams, you just take it with a grain of salt, but ultimately, a goal is a goal.


    • Gary Page

      A lot of times those kind of teams will park the bus in front of goal and it often isn’t easy scoring in that situation, even against an inferior opponent. May a prem team has been upset that way in the FA Cup.


  • Brian

    I thought Dempsey’s move to get the deflected shot off that Bale finished on goal was nice as well. Deuce seems to have played very well beyond the two goals as well. Very encouraging.


  • Old School

    Does anyone else see the title for the highlights? Haha…

    “Clint Dempsey pwning n00bs”


  • TLev

    DEMPSEY: A very recent historical review.

    Dempsey scored his last goal against Everton (before a groin injury) outside the box and off a deflection putting them at a 1-0 lead with 80 some minutes played.

    Since returning from a groin injury (one in which he healed surprisingly fast)

    He has been involved in 4 of the last 4 goals.
    His goal against Reading came on his first touch and was a deflection from about 23 yards.
    Bale scored against coventry off a deflected Dempsey shot.

    It seems he’s regained his comfort in ripping off a shot anywhere near the box and gaining some luck and skill at using deflections against them. He seems to be putting in his argument for a starting place for the foreseeable.

    I’m never bored following Demps and often shouting in joy and dismay. And now I find myself becoming a Spurs believer.


    • az

      Spurs are quickly becoming my favorite EPL team. Deuce obviously, but i also like Bale, Sigurdsson, and Vertonghen. Good players all.


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