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Must-See Saves: Angelo Campos

Peruvian Under-20 national team goalkeeper Angelo Campos helped turn one bad decision into a pair of world class saves on Thursday in South American Under-20 Championships.

Campos raced off his line to try and clear away a ball from an attacking Uruguayan forward, but when he was beaten to the ball and watched a weak shot rolling toward his goal, Campos turned on the jets.

Not only did Campos race back and keep the shot out, he pulled off a follow-up kick save to keep Peru within a goal of Uruguay. The Peruvians responded to Campos’ heroics by scoring a late equalizer in an eventual 3-3 draw.

Here are Campos’ saves:

  • Boriuano_10

    Peru is a dominant team. Too bad they can’t be in a easy WC Qualifying group as the U.S.


    • Kevin_Amold

      More than half of the South American teams either get in the Cup or a Cup playoff this time around. Sounds pretty manageable for a “dominant” team, yes….?


  • ko'd

    I just love the effort. He was at least 40 yards out when he missed the first ball, but he did not give up. Really well done.


  • Brain Guy

    And the attacker was so embarrassed, he took a dive that probably should have earned him a yellow card.


    • papi grande

      brain guy, i respectfully disagree with you…it looks like the “second save” was actually a foul and merited a penalty kick. that said, great effort by the keeper to keep the ball out of the goal.


  • Conrad

    Wow, I totally disagree. If he played it correctly in the first place, it’s not even a shot on goal. He caused his own problems by completely whiffing on the ball WAY outside the box and getting in his defender’s way. Nice effort to race back, nice save, but absolutely a foul on the last shot!


  • hugo

    first he came out and made an awful gk decision. no man’s land. couldnt use his hands……he botched it big time….then he compensated for his error. Good save. but it should never have come to that!


  • kevin

    Definitely not a penalty guys.
    The resolution isn’t so good, but if you play it slowly you can see it was a clean tackle on ball, and the Uruguayan striker jumps in the air and falls over to try to sell a nonexistent foul, then clutches his hammy to save himself from the embarrassment of having missed an open net. Though maybe he did injure himself diving (or simply jumping to avoid the tackle, which I repeat, was clean).
    Big mistake by the keeper, but good job making up for it.


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