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Red Bulls, Rapids among busiest teams in MLS Supplemental Draft


The four rounds of the 2013 MLS Supplemental Draft whizzed by on Tuesday afternoon, and the Colorado Rapids, Philadelphia Union and New York Red Bulls were among the busiest teams.

The Red Bulls opened the day by taking Monmouth midfielder/defender Ryan Clark with the No. 1 pick, and they went on to add Michael Bustamante, Ben Fisk and Marc Cintron, among others. Cintron might be the most recognizable name out of New York’s picks, having scored a goal for Puerto Rico in a 2-1 loss to Spain in a friendly last year.

The Colorado Rapids had to wait until the second round of the frenetically-paced draft for their first selection, but they made a quality acquisition by grabbing USF defender Brenton Griffiths with the No. 25 pick. The Rapids also took forward Stefano Pinho, a international from Brazil who enjoyed some success at the recent MLS Player Combine, later in the second round. UCSB midfielder Machael David also went to the Rapids.

The Union’s staff also likely left the draft with smiles on their faces. Philadelphia grabbed West Virginia defender Eric Schoenle with the twelfth overall pick as well as Uriah Bentick of Liberty and Princeton’s Mark Linville.

Here is a recap of all four rounds of the 2013 MLS Supplemental Draft (look for a more detailed recap on SBI later today):


1. New York Red Bulls- Ryan Clark (Monmouth)

2. Chivas USA- Jose Diaz (UC Riverside)

3. Portland Timbers- David Meves (Akron)

4. New England Revolution- Jossimar Sanchez (UConn)

5. Seattle Sounders- Will Bates (Virginia)

6. LA Galaxy- Andy Riemer (Georgetown)

7. FC Dallas- Cameron Brake (UNC)

8. Montreal Impact- Hakan Ilhan (North Carolina-Greensboro)

9. Columbus Crew- Reed Matte (UAB)

10. Vancouver Whitecaps- Adam Mena (Notre Dame)

11. Vancouver Whitecaps- Michael Rose (Notre Dame)

12. Philadelphia Union- Eric Schoenle (West Virginia)

13. New York Red Bulls- Michael Bustamante (Boston)

14. Sporting Kansas City- Christian Duke (San Dieg)

15. San Jose Earthquakes- Adam Jahn (Stanford)

16. Seattle Sounders- Kevin Durr (Air Force Academy)

17. Philadelphia Union- Uriah Bentick (Liberty)

18. Houston Dynamo- Anthony Arena (Wake Forest)

19. Chivas USA- Paul Islas (Fresno Pacific)


20. Toronto FC- Ashton Bennett (Coastal Carolina)

21. Chivas USA- Joe Franco (Cal State Northridge)

22. Portland Timbers- Chris Hegngi (Ohio State)

23. New England Revolution- Chris Thomas (Elon)

24. Philadelphia Union- Mark Linville (Princeton)

25. Colorado Rapids- Brenton Griffiths (USF)

26. FC Dallas- Kyle Zobeck (Valparaiso)

27. Montreal Impact- Jordan LeBlanc (Old Dominion)

28. Columbus Crew- Daniel Withrow (Marshall)

29. Vancouver Whitecaps- Brian Rodgers (Harvard)

30. Chicago Fire- John Gallagher (Penn State)

31. Vancouver Whitecaps- Adam Clement (Duquesne)

32. New York Red Bulls- Ben Fisk (Washington)

33. Sporting KC- Mitchell Cardenas (Campbell)

34. New York Red Bulls- Marc Cintron (Providence)

35. Seattle Sounders- Kevin Olali (USF)

36. D.C. United- Evan Raynr (UCLA)

37. Colorado Rapids- Stefano Pinho (Brazil international)

38. Toronto FC- Jose Gomez (Creighton)


39. Toronto FC- Nik Robson (New Mexico)

40. Chivas USA- pass

41. Portland- pass

42. New England- Alex DeJohn (Old Dominion)

43. Philadelphia- Jake Keegan (Binghamton)

44. Colorado- Machael David (UCSB)

45. FC Dallas- Cam Wilder (Kentucky)

46. Montreal- Luciano Delbono (Wake Forest)

47. Montreal- Juan Arbelaez (VCU)

48. Vancouver- Joshua Patterson (Duquesne)

49. Chicago- James Belshaw (Duke)

50. Real Salt Lake- Brock Granger (Louisville)

51. New York- Stephane Diop (UConn)

52. Sporting KC- Brian Feteke (Tampa)

53. San Jose- Colin Mitchell (Oregon State)

54. Seattle- Lebo Moloto (Lingsey Wilson)

55. D.C. United- Pass

56. Houston- Nic Ryan (UCSB)

57. LA- Pass


58. Toronto FC- Taylor Morgan (George Mason)

59. Chivas USA- Pass

60. Portland- Pass

61. New England- Gabe Latigue (Elon)

62. Philadelphia- Lenardo Fernandez (Stony Brook)

63. Colorado- Marcello Castro (Sacred Heart)

64. FC Dallas- T.J. Nelson (SMU)

65. Montreal- Pass

66. Columbus- Shawn Sloan (High Point)

67. Vancouver- Alejandro Sucre (Amherst)

68. Chicago Fire- Caleb Konstanski (Indiana

69. Real Salt Lake- Max Wasserman (UConn)

70. New York- Andrew Ribeiro (Creighton)

71. Sporting KC- Mike Reidy (Colgate)

72. San Jose- Peter McGlynn (UCSB)

73. Seattle- Jennings Rex (Charlotte)

74. D.C. United- Pass

75.  Houston- Yannick Smith (Old Dominion)

76. LA- Pass

  • The Imperative Voice

    Not sure if there’s a point drafting a military academy grad, even if Durr is supposed to be good and someone who played in German teams’ youth systems. 5 years’ active service requirement in trade for the free education. Even The Admiral served 2 years. He might be 27 by the time he’s available, have been playing base or adult league soccer for years.

    MLS needs its own version of Mr. Irrelevant.


    • NJUMASS08

      The military academies have an exemption now for players who make professional sports teams. He can play right away if he makes the team.


    • kodi

      I think in certain circumstances the player is slowed to fullfil his obligation in other ways….such as going the reserves and participating in month long training during the offseason and monthly drills can be fulfilled during the week it on weekends where it wont interfere with games. I know I’ve seen where NFL players have done it. Not saying this is an instance of this.


      • kodi

        ” The cadets have a mandatory service commitment, though if they have a pro contract, they can serve two years and turn the final three years into six years of reserve duty.” This is from an older article about some AFA football players.


    • combedge

      He could try and get stationed at McChord AFB and still train with and play for the team.


  • miggy

    Noticed that Chivas took guys with hispanic last names. Am I the only who is curious to see how this CUSA experiment turns out?


    • Manny F

      You mean Spanish last names. And that experiment is going to fail badly. There aren’t enough Mexican-Americans or even Latino-Americans to make a great team in without working outside of the restricting MLS rules.


    • Joe+G

      I’m guessing Franco isn’t Mexican-American based on his bio (though I could be wrong). Perhaps they drafted him to show they aren’t discriminating and then they will cut him.


  • cj

    Since I see Cintron on here. Is he able to play for either team? Since they are US citizens. Not sure about his cap status or if he is good enough for USMNT, but how does the Puert Rico thing work.


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