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RSL and Timbers finalize deal to send Findley back to Utah


Robbie Findley is coming home.

Real Salt Lake and the Portland Timbers have finalized the trade to send Findley’s rights to RSL, a trade first reported by SBI. Sources tell SBI that RSL sent $75,000 in allocation money to the Timbers for Findley’s rights.

“We’re very pleased to bring Robbie back to Salt Lake,” Real Salt Lake GM Garth Lagerwey said in a team release. “He’s a talented player and was nothing but a class individual during his first stint here. We feel like his speed will add a dimension to our attack that’s been missing since his departure and we’re excited to see him back out on the field at Rio Tinto Stadium.”

The move ends a European adventure that never truly got on track for Findley. With injuries and a lack of an established scoring record – tallying just three times in 25 appearances for Forest, Findley never found a permanent spot with Forest or on loan with Gillingham leading to decision for both the club and him to move on.

Findley departed Rio Tinto in 2010 aided by a successful stint with the USMNT team that saw him feature in the last World Cup after scoring 29 goals for the club and helping them to the 2009 MLS title.

Now back in RSL, Findley is hoping familiar surroundings will help him to re-capture the MLS success that made him a European target nearly three years ago.

“RSL has played a huge role in my career and I’m very excited to be back in Utah,” Findley said in a team release. “RSL is a team that is consistently at the top of the table and always has plenty of talent. Jason Kreis and the coaching staff are very dedicated and know what it takes to be successful. I’m very ready to get back into Rio Tinto Stadium and enjoy the phenomenal atmosphere that our supporters bring to every game.”

Is Findley the next Eddie Johnson? Think he’s the type of striker who can help keep RSL in playoff contention after all the player turnover?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Andrew Brown

    Findley rode the “I’m not Charlie Davies, but I’m as fast as him pre-accident” Gravy Train to perfection. If this were a surf contest he’d get a perfect score, then never ever ever win another competition.

    One day in the future I hope to see a Bob Bradley interview regarding that 2010 team and hear him apologize for putting Findley in the squad.


    • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho

      Apologize? Seriously?

      Sure, Findley probably didn’t belong in the squad much less the starting 11, but asking for the coach to apologize is a bit much. Findley never lacked effort in any match for the US I watched, and he always gave his best when selected. Time for people to get over the Findley thing. Bob owes you nothing. Please move on


    • Kung Fu Kangaroos

      Findley took Ching’s spot. Bob took speed instead of a proven hold-up back-to-goal guy who would get the midfield into the attack. Instead we got Findley running really fast nowhere and passing the ball to the other team’s goalie.


  • MA1 Rodriguez

    Findley is an average player, maybe 7 to 9 goals in MLS season. Findley was by far worse player for USNT in the World Cup 2010.


  • Skinnyj

    I’ve said this ad nauseum, even shouted it at BB in South Africa— Findley is a true game changer when brought on in the 60th min. His numbers coming off the bench are incredible. However he’s a very average starter. Anyone who’s followed him knows this….except the coaches apparently. Moneyball. Time will tell how he’s used by Kreis.
    On another note, anyone know what 75k in allocation money means?


  • Four-Ward

    RSL has lacked his attacking spark since he left. Nice move to bring him back if he is healthy.


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