The SBI Podcast: Episode 1 (with Andrew Farrell and Walker Zimmerman)

Photo by MLS/Andy Mead


After more than five years of waiting, the SBI Podcast is finally here.

We have put off running a podcast for some time but now we will be featuring a regular twice-weekly podcast co-hosted by myself and Garrett Cleverly (@azkicksit on Twitter).

Our inaugural show comes during the week of the 2013 MLS Draft, so who better to have as our first two guests than the two highest-rated players on the SBI MLS Draft Big Board? We were lucky enough to speak with Generation adidas signings Andrew Farrell (@louisville05) and Walker Zimmerman (TheWalkerZim). Farrell talked to us about how his Combine has gone so far, and even provides some insight into what could be the first speech delivered at the 2013 MLS Draft. Zimmerman catches us up on his injury, his chances of being a part of the U.S. Under-20 national team qualifying campaign, and what he will bring to the table as a 19-year-old centerback.

We also break down the USMNT roster and discuss the head coaching hires by Toronto FC and New York Red Bulls.

For extended MLS SuperDraft coverage click here, and for the latest SBI Mock Draft click here.

Give the inaugural episode of The SBI Podcast a listen and let us know what you think (and please keep in mind it is far from perfect, but we are hoping it is the start of something special).

Here it is, Episode One of The SBI Podcast:

  • Biased RBNY Supporter

    A couple weeks late, but I’d imagine the apocalypse will be beginning shortly.


  • Bobb

    Finally a podcast!

    Is this up on iTunes yet, for those of us who use Instacast, Downcast, etc.?


  • Brian

    Trying to listen on BeyondPod on Andriod. Error message is saying it is not a valid RSS. Probably because I tried to click through Twitter and is just a link to this page.

    I’ll be a regular listener as soon as you get that fixed.


  • Nick4235

    Hey I heard Farrell say he’s spent quite a bit of time in Peru (I think). Is he eligible for both the US and Peru or just one of the two? If he’s a dual national, has he stated his intentions for international play or is it too early?


    • MLSsnob

      Oh, just read that you work going to set that up. Damn, I was looking forward to some SBI at the gym.


  • TomG

    Sound is too low to hear on my iPad but I can’t wait to hear it once it gets up on iTunes/Stitcher etc! Not sure if you are looking for feedback, but my personal preference is less player and coach/manager interviews and more from the pundits. I feel as if players and coaches are limited in terms of how much objective and bold observations they can hand out because their agenda is not to entertain or inform audiences but to further their own careers. I’d much rather hear an interview with Lalas or Wahl or even an obscure blogger of AZ or Roma because their information and analysis will be much more straightforward and less filtered. A player or manager won’t usually say negative things in the press about themselves or other players so anything they say is suspect. This is just my personal preference so I’m not sure if most others agree or not. Do with it what you will.


    • Joamiq

      Still can’t believe I just heard an SBI podcast!

      I think Tom’s onto something. I did enjoy the interviews in this one, but I’d love more analysis. Especially more from you, Mr. Galarcep! This site is great for a lot of reasons, but the biggest one is your perspective. That’s the real value added. So the more we get of that the better. But more analysis from other pundits, well known or not, would also be great. Especially if their views differ from yours. Podcasts are often at their best when they contain a lot of discussion that in turn sparks more discussion.


    • TomG

      I put in my best set of headphone so was finally able to hear it! Very exciting to finally have an SBI podcast. Please put it on Stitcher if possible so I can put it on my regular play list. I think you two have good chemistry and good balance. You are more dry, with a deeper, measured tone so Garrett’s higher pitched, faster patter complements you nicely. It was very slick for a first podcast, with no downtime and a fast pace. It was very easy to listen to. I love Americans Abroad podcast for its info, but sometimes the show just grinds to a halt. Your show is nice and tight and professional. I think Garrett keeps the show moving at a great pace and sets you up for your deeper analysis. The only things I’m not crazy about are the aforementioned personal preference for pundit interviews over players and, as Joamiq mentioned, I’d love to see more analysis and discussion by you and Garrett, but for a first cast it’s amazing.


    • MLSsnob

      I feel that way with Extratime Radio. You’ll have some episodes with 70% interviews with players/coaches/league officials, those are the ones I skip through.


    • Georges

      Great podcast. Sound fluctuates significantly between commentators. Hard to follow. Volume goes up and down as if commentator/invitee move in or away from their mikes. BTW, I’m logged in via Internet.


  • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

    Ives, Congrats! GREAT first podcast. Glad to see you make it happen. All you need now is for Garrett to drop the “Take it away my man.” and you have a winner. LOL! Keep ’em coming.


  • Sonny

    Having the same problem as most, though it seems to be working for some?

    Can we get a link posted in the comments, or even better a direct link to an audio file so I can continue to procrastinate at work?


  • seaoctopus

    Sounds like you need to get a good headset for recording and the levels were a bit uneven as well, but it is a good debut.


  • Kyle


    Can you get your podcast on Stitcher.com? It’s basically the Android version of iTunes. Hugely popular and a great way to listen in the car. Best Soccer Show, Extra Time Radio, BBC Five Live Football Daily and a ton of others are on there. Would be great be able to add your show to my usual drive time que.


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