U.S. Men's National Team

USMNT to face Tijuana in closed-door scrimmage

The U.S. Men’s National Team might be playing in only one official friendly during their current January camp, but that does not mean they aren’t playing anybody else.

According to Club Tijuana’s website, the reigning Liga MX champions and the U.S. will square off in a closed-door scrimmage this coming Tuesday at the Home Depot Center. U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann will be using the match to further evaluate the 25 players he has summoned for his current camp, and they could go up against Xolos’ trio of Americans in Edgar Castillo, Joe Corona and Greg Garza.

U.S. Soccer did not immediately respond to SBI when reached for comment.

The U.S. conclude camp with a friendly versus Canada at BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston on Jan. 29.

What do you think of the U.S. facing Tijuana in a close-door scrimmage? What starting XI are you hoping Klinsmann goes with? Wishing you could attend to see Xolos’ trio of Americans face the USMNT?

Share your thoughts below.

  • MA1 Rodriguez

    This is good…the -C USNT needs gain some fitness, understaning with the manager, & some games to gel. I wish USNT plays more friendlies big clubs like Real, Man U, Barca, Juve or Munich.


    • K-Town

      Why should they destroy the reigning Mexican champs that have been together for several years? We have good up and coming players in camp, but I’m expecting it will be a good game and a pretty hard test for this group of USMNT players. Xolos are legit. I have been watching them and they have some outright dangerous players. Riascos, a FW from Colombia, was pure class this last year.


      • Paul Miller

        Actually, I’ll bet the club team wins. This camp is basically an MLS all-star camp, and all-star teams usually don’t play well together.


      • Ronald

        All-Star teams don’t play well together because they only have 1-3 days of practice together.


      • Paul Miller

        My point was that a national team doesn’t get that much more time together, so is more like an all-star team than a club. Granted, this ‘team’ will be coming off a few camp weeks together, but still that’s nothing like a club team, with players who are together practice after practice, season after season (hopefully most of them, anyway).

        What makes the World Cup exciting is the quality of individual play. But no one is working any sophisticated tactics at the World Cup, and they haven’t since the old Dutch teams of the 1970s, which drew half their roster from Ajax anyway.


      • Dev

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Tijuana comes out champions. Against european club teams, they wouldn’t be able to field a strong team because their season is at a midway point and wouldnt want to risk alot of players, but against this team they are working back into their fitness and so it will be a very strong squad the US is facing.


      • K-Town

        Actually, I just read that it will be Xolo’s reserves. We better win.


    • Little Meow

      It would seem on the surface, that a top 25 or 30 national team should easily beat any old club team aside from the very best in the world, but remember club teams play and train together on a daily basis whereas national teams get together on the odd occasion.

      I went to a closed door USNT vs Partizan Belgrade scrimmage back in 97 at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista. The US lost 5-3. The US team on the field was mostly the regular players.

      I wouldn’t read anything into a result win or lose. A score in this kind of a game is even less meaningful than the score of an NFL preseason game.


      • chris

        I mainly saying that ’cause I know a cocky tijuana fan who deserves to be put in his place


    • Wild Draw Four

      It’s really too bad that fans can’t get in. I would skip out of work a bit early to go see that match. And I bet Xolo fans would show up well, too. The atmosphere would probably be pretty even, if not skewed towards TJ.


      • Josh D

        I would assume the scrimmage would be very loose with its rules. I.e subbing. Playing behind closed doors allows Klinsi to play around without scrutiny and allow the players to play without outside pressure.
        We also don’t need to give Mexicans any more ammo if we lose. “The whole US team can’t beat one of our club teams.” Albeit we all would know why.


      • Paul Miller

        It’s why you rarely see these scrimmages, and I’d guess they happen more than we hear, but probably ‘behind closed doors’ is the norm.

        You’re right about how this facilitates experimentation. Maybe Diskerud as a defender, for instance. He has quick feet, and can handle the ball well. So paired up with someone taller like Gonzo, why not? Things like that. I was struck by Diskerud first not getting any time against Russia until those final minutes (kind of makes you wonder how much he stunk up the USMNT camp in Germany). And, second, when he did come in, it was for Cameron.

        Also, a nice thing about this scrimmage is obviously Klinsmann is looking for the next third keeper, who most likely would be in line to be the next second keeper (thinking ahead to after both Howard and Rimando). You got three in camp now, and presumably you couldn’t play more than two against Canada.


  • bottlcaps

    winwin for both teams, especially for Xolo’s gringos, who get a look see from JK without having to go to camp. The Xolo’s get a good measuring stick against a US team of primarily MLS players.


  • Andrew

    Speaking of the Xolos and friendlies, I want to see a friendly between Club Tijuana and the Philadelphia Union. Xolos vs. Zolos, anyone?


  • Chris thebassplayer

    Great idea, I hope Corona shows well. Solid test for the back four, especially for Omar and Besler.


  • Beto

    Good cuz that canada team is not a good warm up for honduras. Xolos will definatly be a better test.


  • Dennis

    It should give the US an opportunity to attack a defense that plays together stays organized, that can be a lot harder than attacking a defense comprised of outstanding individuals, who are still learning about each other.

    If the US can score some goals that will be great.

    Going the other way, the USA will learn how well they can defend as a group. Let’s hope they’ve learned enough to keep the tally low.



  • bryan

    Xolos has said it will be mostly reserves. So Corona and Castillo may not play much. And Guido is with the u20s.


  • Crazymike366

    Even if its a team of mostly reserves for Xolos, I hope they allow the American trio to play just so Klinsmann can have an extra opportunity to have eyes on them.


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