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Whitecaps part ways with Robson


The Vancouver Whitecaps took the first step to ending their Scottish experiment moving midfielder Barry Robson out of the club.

As SBI reported last week, the Whitecaps were looking to end their relationship with the Scottish international, Monday the club made it official announcing that it has parted ways with the Designated Player.

“We are thankful for the contributions Barry made during his time with the club. Unfortunately Barry and his family never fully settled in Vancouver, and we’ve mutually decided to move in different directions,” said Whitecaps FC president Bob Lenarduzzi said in a team press release. “On behalf of the club, I wish Barry the very best in the next stage of his career.”

According to a club release, the move was a mutually agreed to by both the player and coach and ends after an unsuccessful half season with the Caps.

Robson signed what was believed to be a three year contract with the Whitecaps in June after two and a half seasons with the English Championship side Middlesbrough FC. The Scottish international was expected to be a big addition to the Vancouver midfield. Those aspirations, however, were never met as Robson failed to make a big impact, scoring just three goals and two assists in 18 appearances.

In addition to Robson, SBI reported last week that the Whitecaps are also looking to unload fellow countryman Kenny Miller, though that move may be tougher than getting rid of Robson was. Monday, SBI learned that Argentine Martin Bonjour may join the Scottish pair on the way out as the club looks to move the defender who made 27 starts in 2012.

Is Robson’s exile addition by subtraction as the club tries to get faster? Think Miller and Bonjour be the next to go?

Share your thoughts below.

  • MA1 Rodriguez

    Robson was a good player, unlike Miller (a waste space & money). Robson did battle for balls & brought some control over the midfield.


    • shane

      Robson was painfully slow and the biggest whiner I have ever seen – he was an embarrassment considering all of the better players in MLS making around $40,000/yr


    • shane

      Delusional much, prejudice much, the caps were doing well until he joined them. I think they had one win after he came on board. It’s pretty obvious why you call yourself “euroman”.


      • Hal

        he was a good player at one time. I watched him a lot in the SPL. But he’s 34 now and not near his prime.

        MLS would be better off spending $$ on developing its own players than overspending for Euros past their prime.


      • shane

        No, wrong. The Whitecaps had better midfielders on their roster when they signed Robson to a DP contract. I dont know what sort of politics were going on, but it is obvious that something other than putting out the best starting XI and winning games was the priority.


      • Hal

        i said he used to be a good player. What am i wrong about huh?

        He’s a technical player that once had good pace and strength. He’s 34 now. 34 year olds lose their pace and strength.


      • MASE NJRB

        i thought he was playing fine to tell you the truth, Miller on the other hand not so much.


      • Rob R. Scott

        Absolutely agree with you regarding trying to develop home-grown talent. Getting fed up with once-greats trading heavily on past performance, but failing miserably.

        I follow the Whitecaps very closely, and Robson does not have the pace to play in the MLS, and I doubt very much that he will last, if signed at all, in the SPL or the Championship.

        A major contributor to his early departure was his on-field demeanor toward teammates. His combative nature didn’t translate well here in Vancouver. We Canadians like a good scrap – as long as it’s between us and the opposition.


    • solles

      no, Robson was a crap player on an average team. say anything about “not settling”you like, the fact is Robson is not good enough for MLS, which i’ve been saying since before he came to MLS.


  • Josh D

    We’ve seen failed South American, African, and European players. I say the next MLS trend should be Asian! South Korean players have fare well here.


    • Camjam

      I don’t think you’re wrong, but who (or where) is the evidence of that? Lee is the only South Korean I can think of in MLS in the past 5 years.

      Still, my guess would be that you’re correct regarding South Korean’s doing well.


  • jspech

    as long s MLS & euro-players continues to view this Legue as a retirement paradise this is to be expected


  • david kent

    Robson was a physical player in England, mls was too tough for him and he didn’t have the skill or speed to make up,he had no respect for either other players or the mls in general.


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