Must-See Goals

Must-See Goal: Samuel Umtiti

    • Sticky

      You’re probably putting that on your resume, too. Congratulations and let us know when you enter the second decade of new millennium.


  • Beto

    All three goals in this match were incredible! Hard to pick the best one but this one probably was the best


  • ec

    Hate watching a 30 sec ad to watch a 33 sec clip, but to see a phenomenal short-hop volley, I guess it’s worth it.


    • Pete

      Yeah, John Wolyniec when he played for Metrostars against Colombus crew in overtime golden goal rule …that was one of the nicest goals that I had seen in my life , and I been watching football for 29 years at least 3-4 games a week , with my team playing live as well


    • Rory

      Actually the response when there is a great goal in MLS is usually “horrible keeper, anyone in the Premeir league would stop that every time.”


  • fischy

    Actually, it reminds me of Danny Rose’s blast from a similar spot in his debut fro Tottenham…except Rose’s shot was more impressive because he didn’t have a wide-open path to the goal. Maybe Rose’s shot didn’t have the same power behind it, but it was a tougher shot.

    If you want to see a missile — unfortunately, there’s inst’ good video of it, but Rafael hit a screamer wide of the goal last night, for DC United. Yeah, I know – he didn’t even score, but the announcers noted that he did break the white picket fence behind the goal at the Disney complex. MLS goalies beware,


  • Lava Lamp

    Just like the Fire, except it didn’t go ten feet over the crossbar or fifteen wide of the post.


  • Shane

    McBride commented that he did partially hit it with his shin, but said it was still perfect technique.


  • Rory

    Is it me or did that shot change speed once it was in the air… if I saw that in a movie I’d be like “FAKE COMPUTER GRAPHICS!”


  • reepicheep

    Reminded me of Chris Gbadni’s goal in MLS some years ago:

    Whatever happened to that guy?


  • Sports Betting

    that was really nice goal by Samuel Umtiti. But i didn’t feel any computer graphics in that video. It is completely original and Samuel is not an ordinary player. He is good in his shots and better know how to play and how to win a match.


  • OneLegged

    Christ Ives, how many ads do I have to endure to see a video?

    The 12 second ad at we have to wait through at the beginning of the video is bad enough, but the automatic playing ad with audio on the sidebar reminds me why I stopped visiting this website. I’ll just stick to twitter.


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