The SBI Podcast: Episode 10 (With special guests John Hackworth and Michael Parkhurst)


The latest episode of The SBI Podcast is up, and Episode No. 10 features guests from the Americans Abroad realm as well as Major League Soccer.

Philadelphia Union head coach John Hackworth joins us from Orlando, where the Union are in the midst of their pre-season. We talk about the veteran newcomers in the fold, the young players ready to emerge for the Union, and we touch on the Freddy Adu situation.

Our other guest on Episode 10 is Michael Parkhurst, who comes to us from Germany, where he has taken over as the starting right back for Bundesliga side Augsburg. We talk about his move to Germany, and his U.S. National Team aspirations.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I discuss a variety of other topics as well, from the U.S. Under-20 National Team to Chivas USA’s latest head-scratching trade.

Give Episode 10 of The SBI Podcast a listen after the jump:


  • Krimsonyx

    Is there an RSS or XML for this? I haven’t figured it out yet, but I don’t use Apple.


  • MikeG

    I hope Adu stays in shape on his own as best he can and collect his check…Pay Pay Pay Philly. Hackworth reduced his trade leverage by saying Philly is done with Adu. That does not help Adu or Philly in nogotiations. No wonder Hackworth has made NO progress with Adu. Would be better to have Adu play as much as possible, increase his value and demand more for a return, and make a possible trade before the trade deadline. This is not even professional on the part of Philly. Only one year left on his contract. Terrible on Philly’s part.


  • WG

    Are Jermaine Jones, Danny Williams, Fabian Johnson or Timothy Chandler going to be guests in the near future? I don’t think I’ve heard an interview with any of them.


  • BrendoCal

    Freddy Adu has awesome unrealized potential. Selling him off bespeaks John Hackworth’s and the Union’s inability to eke out the awesome talent that comes in flashes. Maybe it will take a better coach with better man managing skills to get Adu to play as well as so many know he can. There was a reason why he was called America’s Pele and whatnot. He truly is the most amazing U.S. player in my opinion. If Philadelphia were smart they’d keep Adu and foster his abilities. Yet instead they’re tossing him aside just like many before them. It truly is bollocks.


    • Paddy Megroyn

      Apart from his tenure at DC, he’s made the most professional appearances with Philly than any other club so he’s definitely gotten his fair shake with them. And I think if Adu was this “awesome talent” that you refer to, there would be a huge line outside Hackworth’s door to try and work out a deal for him.

      Perhaps you just need to admit what Adu is at this point, an inconsistent player who can look brilliant one match and be totally anonymous the next.


    • Drew

      Wow I’m a Philly fan and even you come off crazy. You must be a troll saying that stuff. Have you been asleep since 2003?


    • Matt Kirk

      I can not comprehend where you are getting this opinion from. Obviously I’m glad you expressed it but seriously… have you seen him play at the Union? There is no doubt he has some level of talent exhibited by the previous Gold Cup but when it came to club ball he just was not consistent at all. He went through two managers, both managers played him a good amount and gave him plenty of time to show his talent and worth to the team. Continually he showed that he does not have the consistent form and teamwork to be a good contributor to the team. I can remember countless times where Adu just dribbled into trouble and lost the ball and didn’t work back to make up for his loss or when he scored goals he made it about himself and did not recognize the team effort that went into the goal. In my opinion he is sub-par, selfish player who did not work well in the team setting, individually talented but just does not work in a team setting.


    • TomG

      I’ve always been a big Freddy fan but at some point, like when he has problems fitting in at every single stop, you have to think it’s not the manager anymore, it’s Freddy.


    • GW


      “Maybe it will take a better coach with better man managing skills to get Adu to play as well as so many know he can.”

      Maybe you discovered Adu last year but he has been a pro since 2004. It is possible you are smarter than everyone in pro football but Freddy has worked with professional coaches that have at least as much exprience as you probably have.

      Since Freddy turned pro about nine years ago he has put in time at eight clubs, one national team and had more than eight managers.

      All of them have decided to use him sparingly. In Europe at his five clubs he averaged 11.4 appearances a season, across all competitions.

      All these coaches seem to have come to the same conclusion about Freddy.

      Are they all idiots?

      If you dated nine women over nine years and they all dumped you after a short time, is it you or is it them?

      “There was a reason why he was called America’s Pele and whatnot.”

      Yes there was. MARKETING MONEY. Nike thought it would be a good way to take advantage of the name recognition in a market that was soccer naive.

      “If Philadelphia were smart they’d keep Adu and foster his abilities. Yet instead they’re tossing him aside just like many before them. It truly is bollocks.”

      I agree that Philly have not been smart with Adu. By trashing him so publicly they have helped lower his market value. If he was a crappy as they seem to be saying then they should have gotten something for him a while ago while his value was still high. Now they have a highly flawed player who seems to be a club house cancer.

      And that guy has an apparently air tight,big money contract.

      Bad news.


    • Ives Galarcep

      A podcast is a radio show, only it’s on the internet rather than radio. Is it really that foreign a concept to you? And we did record the interview, so what on earth do you mean exactly?


      • Minnesota Nice FC

        I love the idea of this internet thing, but could you just transcribe the

        “podcast” for me so I can read it? I’m just not sure about this listening thing and I’ve heard that earbuds will suck out my soul and put it on tumblr.


      • AMPhibian

        i like listening to the radio, but listening to the internet?? that sounds like a fool’s errand to me. 😉

        seriously though, i think maybe “xias” meant video recording, and he wants to see the whole thing recorded off skype like “truehoop tv”. personally, i don’t care much for that idea.

        i wish you would make them downloadable from soundcloud, but i understand if you don’t want to degrade the itunes numbers.


      • Ives Galarcep

        Fair point AMP, and thanks for being our biggest Soundcloud supporter. Appreciate all your feedback.


      • Kevin_H

        That’s not a bad idea, actually. Some of us more primitive folk find reading transcribed interviews much more convenient. Not to add more work to you, though, Ives.


  • Klinsmann and Klinsmann

    Yes, American soccer fans, they are so lucky they are not Canadian fans. They should remember this every time they watch the US men or boys play. I also am lucky I dont coach Canada. But I just thought of something. If I was the coach of Canada then maybe I could figure out how to actually beat them.


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