Tim Howard Michael Bradley

By February 13, 2013 11:53 am ET

San Pedro Sula, Honduras – February 6, 2013: The US Men’s National team falls to Honduras 2-1 during the first match of World Cup Hexagonal round.

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  • Randy Chavez

    I have series of questions. Due to the recent lost of the USMNT in Honduras Ive been asking myself what would be the worst thing that would happen to soccer in the USA if the USMNT do not qualify for the world cup? I came to some conclusions 1) the MLS is far a long to suffer any kind of set back. 2) that there are only two possibilities that could happen to the USMNT one would be that they would become more stronger, they would learn and be more prepare. The other would be that they fall back and wouldn’t be as competitive.

    I have no doubt that the USMNT is going to qualify, but do you agree with some of the things that I have said? In your opinion, what would be the consequences?


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