Tuesday Kickoff: FIFA approves goal-line technology, Cuba upsets Canada U-20s, and more


The days of goal-line controversies could be coming to an end after FIFA approved the use of goal-line technology ahead of the 2014 World Cup.

FIFA made the decision on Tuesday, clearing the way for goal-line technology to be used in the 2013 Confederations Cup and then the World Cup.

As many as four different companies are expected to make bids for the contract to design and implement the technology, which will be expected to be able identify when a ball has gone completely over the goal line.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter cited Frank Lampard’s controversial non-goal in the 2010 World Cup (a shot that clearly bounced over the goal line before bouncing out of the net against Germany) as the impetus for FIFA finally deciding to act on a subject that has been controversial for years.

Here are some other stories to get your Tuesday going:

CUBA U-20s beat CANADA

Having already been eliminated from 2014 World Cup qualifying, Canadian soccer has set its sights on the 2018 World Cup, which makes the current Under-20 World Cup cycle an important one.

That cycle is off to a nightmare start after Cuba shocked the Canadians, 2-1, in their opening match of CONCACAF Under-20 qualifying on Monday in Mexico. Cuban forward Maykel Reyes scored both goals for the Cubans, while Canadian substitute Stefan Vukovic scored a 90th minute goal to give the Canadians some hope. That’s has close as Canada would come though.

The loss means Canada will likely need to defeat Nicaragua on Friday to ensure a place in the quarterfinal round. Canada could qualify with a draw if Nicaragua loses to Cuba on Wednesday, either 1-0 or by multiple goals. A Nicaragua win or tie vs. Cuba would mean Canada would need a victory on Friday to advance.


Roberto Mancini’s season with Manchester City has been disappointing to say the least. A group stage exit from the UEFA Champions League (and a last-place finish at that) coupled with a failed run at a repeat of the English Premier League title has City on the verge of finishing without a trophy, which could leave Mancini unemployed.

If City does fire him, he won’t be unemployed long. Italian power AS Roma is prepared to make Mancini a big-money offer to become the team’s new manager. Roma recently fired manager Zeman after a roller-coaster season, and are now looking for a long-term replacement.

Mancini won three Serie A titles as manager of Inter Milan, and has no previous ties to Roma. In fact, he has played for, and managed, Roma arch-rival Lazio.


Dani Alves believes Jack Wilshere would be a great fit for Barcelona. (REPORT)

Blackpool has hired former England international Paul Ince as the team’s new manager.  (REPORT)

West Ham’s move to the Olympic Stadium in London has hit another snag. (REPORT)

Speaking of West Ham,  legend Paolo DiCanio is being rumored as a potential replacement for Sam Allardyce, who is in the final year of his deal as Hammers boss. (REPORT)

As if the recent bogus red card to Neymar wasn’t bad enough, now Brazilian side Santos has been hit with a one-match home match ban after fans threw coins at former Santos player Paulo Ganso during a recent match against Sao Paulo. (REPORT)


What do you think of these developments? Hoping pro leagues around the world start using goal-line technology? Surprised by Canada’s shocking U-20 qualifying loss, or have you come to expect Canadian disappointments by now? Think Mancini would be a good fit for Roma?

Share your thoughts below.

  • omegadude

    Face it. Canucks suck at soccer. DeRosario should have played for Guyana or got US citizenship

    I bet Faroe Islands has a better team if you compare it per capita/population


      • omegadude

        sorry. It’s just frustrating. Even New Zealand has made it to a WC. Slovenia/Jamaica as well. In the past 15 years. What’s up with Canada?


      • PD

        Can you really consider Toronto a team? Seriously though, it’s not like Canucks only play for those clubs, they play throughout the league.


      • Hogatroge

        How ridiculous. The # of Canadian teams in MLS is more or less proportional to their population vs that of the US.

        3 of 19 teams (~1/6 teams)

        34 mil vs. 310 mil (~1/10 population)


      • TGA

        once upon a time…late 1970s….Canada routinely beat the USA..

        and then it seemed that soccer was abandoned in the entire country…Canada qualified for the 1986 WC in Mexico.


    • TD

      We would benefit if Canada would reach its potential. There are enough decent players that they should be competitive. US Soccer would benefit if a second great rival could develop where stadiums could be filled and people more people than usual would watch with interest. Another benefit would be that 2 of 6 Hex teams could play cold-weather games against the Central American and Carribeans, thus making it harder for CONCACAF to schedule around the cold dates– after the original Guerra Fria the federation schedule has minimized what could be a nice home field asset. Kind of the antithesis of playing Honduras in the afternoon when the heat is peaking.


  • Shane

    And the company which gets awarded the goal line technology contract from FIFA will be the one offering the biggest bribe rather than the best technology. Will the controversial calls improve?


      • Gnarls

        Standard operating procedure. Cuba should be given special dispensation for its traveling roster. They need to bring at least 40 guys so that they can reliably field 11 and still have a couple subs.


  • Shane

    Canada is listening to all the cultured soccer “experts” with accents too much. So is the USA and both are continuing to have a series of disappointing results. Meanwhile the Jamaicas, Cubas, Haitis, and El Salvadors of the world can get results with homegrown coaches.


    • wfrw07

      Which of those countries has gotten meaningful results? One of those four is even in the Hex, and none of them have reached a World Cup lately.


      • Shane

        When poor and/or small island nations start beating or out-playing the US and Canada, I consider that a result for them. And the point is they can do it with homegrown coaching and ridiculously fewer resources than those at the disposal of the US and Canada


    • Yank

      So true. I moved here about 10 years ago and if you don’t have an accent good luck being accepted by the football cognocenti here. Scottish, English, Italian (distant 3rd) preferred.


  • xias

    Let’s be honest Canucks are only good at Hockey and providing a cheap place for our godly American shows to be filmed for cheap.


  • Aaron

    Bogus red on Neymar???… The video shows him kicking his opponent in the junk from behind. There was 0% chance of contact with the match ball… The probability is much higher that he got a touch on the ones in the bag and thus, received the reaction he did from the opponent.


    • Bostich

      I don’t know how they can possibly call it bogus. I’d be pissed if he didn’t get at least three games suspension.


      • Old School

        The dive he took after trying to be a tough guy is laughable too.

        Laughable as in he needs his ass kicked to bring him back to reality.


  • Steevens

    Ives: Goal Line Technology (GLT) has been covered to death in the press without a complete description of the testing that these technologies have had. Are you aware of any investigative journalism that covers the testing of the systems?

    Will Hawk-Eye (camera based) be rendered useless in situations where there are a bunch of bodies on the line?

    How durable is the “intelligent ball” used in the magnetic-sensor based GoalRef system?


  • WorldCitizen

    Not sure you can call anyone beating Canada at soccer an upset. Maybe they should stick to hockey…


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