Valencia 1, Paris St. Germain 2: Match Highlights

  • A

    Well done Ibra. If they manage to advance past a healthier Valencia in the second leg, the lack of Ibra up top against a much better team will be glaring.


      • A

        Match ban is a minimum of one game and they’ll review it. I bet they take into account his past history and the fact that he tried to kick another guy just seconds before intentionally lunging into someone’s shin with his studs.


  • biff

    That was not a red card offense and Guardado hardly got touched yet he was squirming around on the ground as if he had lost his foot.


    • RB

      Agreed: book him but certainly not red, and certainly not in the context of that match and the way it had been called prior to that.

      Guess linking to it here is not allowed but I see agreement in a report at prosoccertalk this morning, as well.


      • johnnycougar

        I agree too. All the headlines I see say “Ibra’s stamp” for a red card, and I imagined something like him stepping on a defenseless player on the ground. That was just a little frustration and missing the ball. Maybe a red, but he really shouldn’t get an extra ban.


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