U.S. Men's National Team

USMNT Road to Brazil: Episode 8 (Preparing for Costa Rica)

Herculez Gomez Clarence Goodson

  • 2tone

    Mexico up 2-0. Doesn’t really indicate how much Honduras has dominated the game though. Begtson has been wasteful in front of goal.

    Really I will take a Mexico team that doesn’t need to get points against the USMNT versus a Mexico team that absolutely needs to get points against the USMNT.


    • Falsify

      Although I like to fantasize with this kind of logic, nothing would make Mexico happier than to beat US and/or play a role in US not making the world cup–regardless of whether they will be making it or now.


  • whoop-whoop

    Nice bit of perspective about the nature of WC qualifiers and the new dynamic in CONCACAF.

    Believe you me… the rabid hysteria seen on this board is N O T H I N G compared to what you will see in Mexico after their first 2 results…. coughing up a second half 2-0 lead to Honduras.

    They have some very dynamic, skilled players, but on the whole a very suspect defense and seem to get rattled with pressure. Good, but far from an invincible superpower.


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