World Cup Qualifying

CONCACAF Rewind: Honduras rallies to draw Mexico, Panama scores crucial goal to tie Jamaica

CarlosCostlyJerryBengtson2011 (Getty)


Mexico probably thought that two goals from Javier Hernandez was more than enough to ensure a crucial road victory in CONCACAF World Cup qualifying.

Turns out, they were wrong.

With 13 minutes remaining, Hondurans’s Carlos Costly and Jerry Bengtson each scored goals to tie the match at 2-2, keeping the hosts at the top of the qualification standings. The match was played in front of over 37,000 fans in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, with temperatures soaring over 100 degrees Fahrenheit on the field.

The result was a positive one for the rest of the CONCACAF teams still in the running, but Jamaica could not turn an early goal into a victory, tying with the visiting Panamanians 1-1 in Kingston, Jamaica.

A Marvin Elliott header put the Reggae Boys on top, and things seemed to be heading their direction, before a second-half equalizer from Luis Henriquez leveled the score, denying Jamaica their first win since last October. The draw leaves both teams level with two points from two matches, with Tuesday’s matches a new chance to break away from the rest of the pack.

El Tricolor manager Jose Manuel de la Torre said before the match that it was not life or death if his side didn’t defeat Honduras. But certainly with the way the match unfolded, he won’t be too happy about dropping two points.

Hernandez, consistently scoring for both club and country, got off the mark in the 28th minute, heading in a cross from teammate Andres Guardado into the far post for a 1-0 lead. The 24-year-old forward doubled the lead in the 54th minute, extending his right foot onto a free kick from Carlos Salcido, glancing the ball past Honduras goalkeeper Noel Valladares.

But the Hondurans, who looked so comfortable at home in February against the United States, worked their way back into the game, and were rewarded for their efforts. In the 77th minute, Carlos Costly used all of his 6-foot-3-inch frame to rise above his defender, and power a header into the back of the net.

Three minutes later, Costly earned his team a penalty, when he was clumsily brought down in the box by Mexican defender Francisco “Maza” Rodriguez. Bengtson, stepping up to the spot, hit the ball low, with Guillermo Ochoa making an amazing save. But the rebound went right back to the New England Revolution forward, who finished into the opening net.

The draw leaves Mexico still searching for their first win of 2013, drawing on three occasions, while making anything but a win on Tuesday against the United States a near disaster. For Panama, who has never qualified for the World Cup, Henriquez’s goal means that their hope of making the World Cup is still alive. On the other side, Jamaica will be ruing a chance to pick up a win at home.

What did you think of Friday’s matches? Do you feel that Mexico is in trouble? Are you surprised with all the draws?

Share your thoughts below.


  • Georges Jean

    Here we go! The astonishing Teams are in road to Brazil! Mexico is a mighty squad that torment even Brazil. Again, the road is bumpy, atrocious, and daring!


    • Georges Jean

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  • ChiTown

    And suddenly we’re in second and it appears that all but Honduras dropped points at home. Great news for us.


  • Goalscorer24

    Actually Honduras dropped points at home against Mexico. The only team that has not dropped points at home so far is the US.


  • baropbop

    Unfortnuately anyone who has seen Cool Runnings knows that the snow won’t stop Jamaica


    • Georges Jean

      I agree. The World Cup has always been tough in both scheduling [no matter what weather] and the rule. Nevertheless, some people may think that it’s easy! The World Cup Qualifyers are good examples of the tenacity of any “World Cup”. [Triphonaction: http://www.22222.webs.com] If you desire, post your opinion! Which Team will likely clinch the WCup 2014?


  • shorembo

    Tie….all you other teams. Keep the ties going. Everyone get their one point.


  • USAmr

    ESPN reporting that Costa Rica files to protest last night’s match due to unplayable conditions.
    Meanwhile, they are preparing to return to their concrete field with ripped fake grass…..


    • David M

      Their protest has absolutely no leg to stand on. It’s up to the referee to abandon a game due to weather conditions.


  • Georges Jean

    Once a match starts, FIFA’s rules are in effect! Nothing will done to compensate Costa-Rica for this complaint; it has to be fair for both. How about if they [Costa-Rica] won the game?…www.22222.webs.com. [Triphonaction’s Views]


  • Travis

    Lol Costa Rica wants to protest? Go ahead and try. I would argue that playing in 100+ temps is far more dangerous than the snow, how about we file a protest every time a Latin American team makes us play a game in the middle of the day during summer? Get over it


  • IvanRG

    Costa Ricans players are behaving like whiners, if you can’t take it, better go play women’s soccer, so the girls can also kick your asses, ridiculous,


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