Tim Howard a doubt for Everton match against Reading


Tim Howard is in danger of ending one of the all-time iron man streaks this weekend.

The 33-year-old goalkeeper has played in 210 successive Premier League matches for Everton, stretching back to when he signed for the club on a permanent basis in 2007. However, Howard picked up a knock during last Tuesday’s FA Cup victory over Oldham, and is currently a doubt to play on Saturday against Reading.

Everton manager David Moyes told reporters ahead of the match that Howard will be a game-time decision. If Howard does not play, he will finish just three matches short of Everton’s all-time successive league appearance record.

While the injury may keep Howard out for this weekend’s match, it’s unlikely that he will miss considerable time, leaving him open for selection for the United States’ two upcoming CONCACAF qualifying matches.

What do you think of this news? Do you see Howard playing on Saturday? Impressed with the streak he’s been able to put together?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Old School

    Suppose Tim Howard is injured for an extended period of time. How much of a drop off, right now, is Brad Guzan?

    I haven’t seen many matches of his the last couple years to really gauge the state of our “next #1” behind Howard.


    • downintexas

      I’d prefer Timmy, but it would not cause me any “worries” if Guzan stepped in.


      • Matt C in Tampa

        I rather still have Big Brad Friedel…even now.


      • Hilltopper

        I believe Brad is still number 1 choice over Howard and Guzan because of his size and consistent


    • Jamie Z.

      Howard is our #1, but Guzan is a stud. If there’s one position we don’t need to worry about going forward, it’s goalkeeper. Well, that and central midfield, I suppose…


    • Hogatroge

      Let’s just say the possibility of Guzan starting the next 2 WCQ matches is pretty far from the top of my list of worries.


  • DanO

    Timmy is the better all around keeper. Guzan may be a better shot stopper, but his organizational skills are questionable. Timmy can get lost on free/corner kicks, not sure if Guzan shares this problem.


  • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

    I think he still plays. This is T-Ho we’re talking about here. He’s have to have something MAJORLY wrong not make the next four starts and get that record. It’s a knock. A knock to T-Ho is like a mosquito bit to you and me.


    • KenC

      Timmy had a huge fall in the Oldham game. I’d be happy if he got to sit out a few games while recovering.


  • Anatoly_M

    Healthy Howard can be counted on one or two miracles per game.

    Back in 2010 World Cup, during the game with England, his ribs were bruised in a collision. He marched on solidly, but no miracles. A pinch of something was missing. He let go in a couple of very good shots, but from enough distance that healthy Timmy could have snarled.

    Guzan is in a good form now. He is good enough that I think healthy Guzan is better than bruised Howard. He too can be counted on phenomenal saves.

    So far we are blessed with some of the best goalkeepers in the world. Hope they both stay healthy.


    • Hogatroge

      I don’t doubt Howard’s beastliness, but he has his bad moments too.

      Everyone likes to pile the blame for the WC exit on Rico Clark, but you don’t have to look far to find the opinion that both Ghanian goals were savable.


  • Sir Coble

    Anthony, I’m glad someone else said this, because I’ve been afraid of blasphemy myself.


  • OBRick

    Guzan had quick hands, but does not seem as athletic when it comes to reaching the upper 90.


  • beachbum

    they are both good. bigger question mark to me would be having to deal with another change in the back of an already changing back line. Guzan could get the chance and not let go, Howard as the starter is great too. both good options imo


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