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Second-half goals give FC Dallas win over shorthanded Real Salt Lake

FabianCastillo1 (Getty)


For the first 80 minutes, the FC Dallas-Real Salt Lake match could have gone either way, with FC Dallas holding a 1-0 lead and RSL pressing hard for an equalizer.

Then, in the 81st, Real Salt Lake goalkeeper Josh Saunders took a bad touch on a pass, allowing FC Dallas midfielder Jackson Goncalves to get a chance on goal, before hitting a deflected strike that crawled into the net, slowly ending RSL’s hopes to win the match.

FC Dallas defeated ten-man Real Salt Lake, 2-0, on Saturday night in FC Dallas Stadium in Dallas.

RSL gave Dallas a stiff test, even with starters Alvaro Saborio, Nick Rimando, Kyle Beckerman and Tony Beltran away on international duty, but ultimately Dallas did enough to post their third victory of the season.

The stalemate between the two sides ended in the 70th when Dallas midfielder Fabian Castillo dribbled past Lovel Palmer, before releasing a flame-thrower of a shot that seared through the air into the net. Saunders likely never saw it coming.

Following the goal, Salt Lake made two substitutions, bringing in Olmes Garcia and Devon Sandoval to improve the attacking options. Sandoval nearly scored in the 80th minute, if not for a last-ditch tackle from Dallas defender Matt Hedges, and just a minute later, it was Jackson that stunned Jason Kreis’ side, taking advantage of Saunders’ mistake to double the lead.

RSL midfielder Yordany Alvarez was given a red card in the 83rd minute, after earning his second yellow card due to embellishment to deceive the referee.

The red card to Alvarez only two minutes later took the rest of the air out of the Real Salt Lake balloon, as the visitors weren’t able to sustain any sort of attack, due to the sheer numbers of Dallas players behind the ball.

What did you think of the result? Do you think Dallas is for real?

Share your thoughts below.

  • A.J.

    Someone’s going to say it, so I might as well. I thought the second yellow was really soft (not to mention the delay in decision). Also, that was a terrible decision by Saunders, IMHO that must be a one touch clearance.


    • Eric

      The delay was bizarre, but as a neutral watcher (I’m an SKC fan), I think it was a justified second yellow card. Soccer needs to be discouraging diving more, not less, and besides, Alvarez should know better than to take a dive right in front of the ref when he’s already on a yellow card.

      Agreed that Saunders made a mess of the second goal. That was just brutal to watch.


  • soonerfan237

    I feel like this match summary isn’t quite an accurate portrayal of how the match went. This definitely wasn’t a game that felt like it could have gone either way. Outside of the deflected shot by Sandoval, RSL never really threatened all game. Dallas really dominated this match. RSL’s red card happened after Dallas was already up 2-0, so it didn’t really affect the game. Dallas had twice as many shots, corners, and crosses than RSL. And the scoreline could have been worse if not for a crazy goal line clearance by Borchers in the first half.

    Still not sure Dallas is a legit title contender. The win against Houston was impressive, but this RSL team definitely wasn’t at full strength. There have still been too many stretches where Dallas struggles in the new formation. But the potential is definitely there and the team looks more cohesive with each passing week. Last time Ferreira was healthy for a full season, Dallas went to MLS Cup and this year’s edition has much more surrounding talent.


  • Jake

    Ives do you read the post before they are done, because that was not even clsoe to an accurate account of the game, yes RSL was short handed but FCD. Was also missing there starting goalie and striker. 10 man side was for maybe 5 minutes. FCD was pressing and should have been up at least 2 at half. Did every game recap last year say so and so team beat a short handed FCD? Because last year they were missing multiple players do to injury. Seriously the worst game recap I have seen on here. Usually your site is outstanding but not this one. Ives watch the game tell me you agree. Yes they were missing two more starters then we were but to state the game could have gone either way is a big stretch, to mention a ball cleared off the line for RSL and fail to mention the ball cleared off the line by a FCD shot shows how bad this write up is.


    • Hogatroge

      I didn’t see the game, but it’s worth noting that:

      Objectively, Saborio, Beckerman, Beltran and Rimando are more important (collectively) to their squad than Fernandez & Perez.

      Plus, the drop off in quality between Fernandez & Seitz is lower than between Rimando & Saunders.


      • Jake

        Was not saying that they did not have players or less important players missing, both had starting goalies missing, both had a striker missing.
        I was pointing out that the guy who wrote the article was saying the game could have gone either way and it could have been easily
        4 or 5 to 1 in favor of FCD and it was not as close as he made it out to be.
        He also made it out like RSL was playing down a man for most of the game and it was like the last 5 minutes. The fact is you play with who
        You have.


      • jp992751

        actually to be fair Real Salt Lake was missing a lot more people than what you say. Only 4 starters played. We were missing, saborio, Velasquez, Morales, beckerman, Wingert, Beltran, mansally, rimando, and Stephenson.


    • cam

      you’re right in that FCD was pressing harder and stronger, but claiming 2 in the first half is a bit much. Also, RSL had some good chances as well that could’ve gone either way, so if you want to get into the hypotheticals, then hypothetically speaking, RSL could’ve won.

      RSL was missing 5 of their strongest players to international play, which is a big deal, the 2 that are down on long-term injury shouldn’t really be included, you’re right, but the short-term injuries are always included in EVERY recap immediately following that situation. FCD played a better match and deserved the win, no contest, but ives has put forward information that was needed to be mentioned.

      on a final note, that incident with Alvares was just begging to be done. MLS this year has announced that they’re cracking down on flopping, and this is a good warning to the whole league that they mean it. This small incident where it doesn’t matter in this instance, is a huge deal on the message that is being sent: We will not let you embellish as much as we have before.

      good job FCD, I’m excited to see how this season pans out for both teams.


  • Excellency

    Dallas’ problem is that their manager is married to Castillo and Benitez.

    Put Jackson on the left, Cooper on the right, with a Ferreira-Perez rotation in the middle. Get a real left back and add a dmid and Dallas is for real.


    • Aaron

      Did you watch the game yesterday? I’m an RSL Fan and Castillo was dangerous all game long.


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