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Jermaine Jones: The Abominable Snowman

Jermaine Jones

Photo by John Todd/ISIPhotos.com

Just because it is such a great photo, and captures the night, and shows what might be the best snow afro in history, here is Jermaine Jones in action during Friday night’s snow storm win over Costa Rica.

Jones didn’t just gather snow on his head. He also turned in an outstanding performance in midfield, even after taking stitches to his leg at halftime after taking cleats to the leg in the first half.

On a night with several standouts, Jones was one of the best for the U.S., and not just for his snow afro.

  • Bobby

    Great photo.

    Thought when the pitch was still playable that JJ played great. Understand that the game kind of degenerated after ’60+ but Jones was all over the place while there was still some footy left to play…

    Also great understated job by MB to make sure the makeshift back four stayed intact


    • Grover

      I agree. Dude gets a bad rap. He’s this generation’s Charlie “Gloves” Columbo, only more talented. Every team needs a guy to shake up the other team a little. Playing with stitches in his leg. Wow.


      • SoCal Soccer Mom

        Love the reference to the film The Game of Their Lives (which was the title in the theaters and changed to Miracle Match for the DVD). Great film recounting the USMNT game with England in the 1950s WC.


  • Eric

    I think Jones played well but I honestly couldn’t tell who was who half the time.


  • Q

    I was shocked to hear what a great game Michael Bradley had. He completed something like 41 of 46 passes. Like the one commenter said, half the time I couldn’t tell who was touching the ball. Even after the goal at 16”, I had to watch the replay three times to verify that Bradley was the one who took defenders with him and left Dempsey open.

    I thought Jermaine Jones’ performance in the snow was outstanding except when he gave up those penalties.

    Goodson had a great game and blocked that shot on goal on the free kick.
    Hercules Gomez has a motor that doesn’t quit. I love how hard that man works.
    I’d watch Beasley over the next three days and evaluate him for a head injury. Beasley, Dempsey, Altidore, and Guzan were best players on the field for the USA.

    We need a good winger. I hope Landon Donovan comes back to the team. His ability to deliver accurate corner kicks and his wing play is better than for any other player available to the US.

    I’d try too get Eddie Johnson on the field in Azteca and look for an aerial game..

    Weather for Azteca stadium on Tuesday is about 76F. That’s warm, but not the 85F they had in Honduras. The game will be played at another 2000+ feet in elevation compared to Colorado. Azteca is over 7000 feet elevation.


    • BD

      I realize this may be unpopular but I didn’t think Dempsey was one of our best out there tonight. Obviously I love Deuce and he was clutch hitting home the goal like usual but other then that I thought he was a little slow in his decision making and his passes were questionable. Regardless, 3 points for the US, and like I said Deuce is the man!


    • pancholama

      Great post! And the altitude readings are most correct as well.
      If I were Klinsman, I would have the team train for a couple of days in Nederland, or Estes Park – which are both between 8 and 9 thousand feet above sea level, then fly down to Mexico to rumble with ‘el Tri’ in the Azteca. Nederland is only about an hour’s drive from Denver and immediately puts you at 8,200 ft – it’s a beautiful little town that actually has some of the best public schools in the area, therefore, also some decent regulation sized soccer pitches.


    • Mike

      No, but a bonehead foul that should have been a yellow and as one announce said possible a Red


      • biff

        big frickin’ deal. he played his heart out for the shirt and had an excellent game. He was sending a clear message to the CR players who had been throwing plenty of elbows all game. We need a man like Jermaine Jones and lucky to have a player on the team of Championship League caliber who is full of spirit and has a total will to win and do whatever at takes to get the job done. And, quite frankly, he is one of only a handful of players that I would 99.9% certain was not a source for that Sporting News story either directly speaking to the reporter or as an indirect source by griping about Klinsmann to people around him, you know, people at his club, or to his agent, or his family and friends.


      • WG

        I don’t think any of the Germany-based players were. I can’t see them complaining about…players based in Germany.

        Anyway, good win under harsh conditions. I’m glad the Arsenal USMNT in Crisis!! stories will be put to rest, at least until next Wednesday.


      • DanO

        Biff, do you know something the rest of us don’t? Why don’t you make us a list of who talked and who didn’t?


      • MLSsnob

        +1 I always thought jones got a bad rap. He gets murdered on all the podcasts but I’ve always liked him.


      • chris

        Jones may act like a hardass on the field but when someone starts throwin hands he’ll be the first on the ground


      • Francois

        Haha you want to say that to his face? You don’t know what you’re talking about, which is pretty typical for you so it doesn’t surprise me.


      • chris

        Hahaha jones is on the ground rollin around every schalke game. Cheap tackles doesn’t make you a badass


  • TomG

    I thought JJ’s backtracking was excellent but he tends to miss the quick through ball and over dribbles, turning it over instead. I find it very, very frustrating to watch. He costs us two or three scoring chances per match due to his selfish play and last night was no exception. He missed Jpzy once and Deuce as well when they were wide, wide open, making great runs.


    • Dennis

      Agree, JJ’s game is more about defending than orchestrating attacks. Anyone who thinks he did not get lucky in avoiding a yellow for the obvious elbow to a platyers face just wasn’t paying attention. Still, you have to admire his grit for staying in with stiches and a few inches of snow.


    • GW

      ” he tends to miss the quick through ball and over dribbles, turning it over instead.”

      Many times when you see that in a player of Jones’ caliber its because the pass he could have made isn’t there because his teammate did not make the run.

      Jones is a very good passer but he can’t do much if no one is open or about to get open. .


  • Valerian

    Open letter to Bruce Arena: F#%k You! The idea that there has been too much emphasis placed on German-born players is absurd, idiotic, and downright offensive. Why not just come out and say the team should only be composed of “Real Americans”?! “Oh hey US servicemen, we’ll take those awesome flyovers at games and you can hold those cute flags before the whistle. Sorry about that bullet still in your body and those pesky prosthetic limbs. BTW, your children are second-class half-breeds so please keep them away.” Funny, but I thought being an American had something to do with idea that we are all created equal. And FWIW, Jones is the last American to score in the Champions League so clearly he’s there on another wonderful American concept: merit. So Bruce, I hope you enjoy watching the rise of US Soccer from the cheap seats. I’ll be at Azteca with the other true believers.


  • MikeG

    Those who complain about Jermaine Jones are not an elite level follower of the game. He is perfect for our central american opponents and if anything has learned to be more stealthy.


  • ChiTown

    For all who do not know–

    Jones had several stitches in his ankle at half time. He then played again.


      • WG

        He got spiked with the full weight of a CR player. And a trainer ran out with an inflatable cast when the referee waved them on. We get it, you don’t like him. That’s OK, but it is also OK that a lot of people think he’s a good/great player for the Nats.


    • SoCal Soccer Mom

      He speaks very good English. I worked in a biotech facility where there were a lot of Europem national post doctorial student. All the German spoke English, they started when they were in the 5th grade in Germany.


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