U.S. Men's National Team

U.S. Under-20s vs. Mexico: Your Running Commentary

The U.S. Under-20 Men’s National Team takes on Mexico today in the CONCACAF Under-20 Championship Final in Puebla, Mexico (7pm, Fox Soccer Channel).

Both teams have already qualified for the Under-20 World Cup in Turkey this summer, but bragging rights are on the line today as the Americans look to build on their unbeaten run through the tournament. Mexico also enters unbeaten and will have the home-field advantage behind them.

If you will be watching today’s CONCACAF Under-20 Championship Final, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

  • people are salty on here

    Why is that maykol, is it because you don’t like what I have to say?I give the US some credit, they weren’t as bad as I thought they would be and put up a fight. There were moments where I thought the game could have gone either way.


    • Maykol

      lol, thanks for proving my point buddy, you, according to control+F, have written 20 plus comments on an article about the team that you hate, lol cause you have nothing better todo, haha do you even play soccer? but you gave me a couple chuckles ill give you that


      • people are salty on here

        Your butthurt is getting ridiculous now.

        It was never my intention to come here and pick fights with people, I just wanted to see what you guys thought of the game, I’ve done it before. A lot of the comments are fair.

        But when I see people making excuses and accusing refs of being paid off etc. (as if Mexico hasn’t gotten bad calls against them this tournament) I will call them out on it. I appreciate anyone who can accept the defeat, congratulate Mexico and be on their way.

        I give your team credit and you still attack me, grow up…


      • Maykol

        lol whatever you say boss, and thanks for the paragraphs, lol


      • people are salty on here

        Yep whatever I say, thanks, and you’re welcome.


  • wichin

    great game…I blame the loss on the US soccer federation and MLS mentality. We get to a championship game and they send people home before the game. Isn’t klinsmann all about game time experience? What better way to have game time experience than at the final of a game. We played an excellent game and we had no real subs. That is ridiculous. Are you trying to tell me that the US only has those players? Poor planning poor priorities and lots of hypocricy. Are you trying to tell me that missing one MLS game is something that ruins an MLS team? Were the players that went home really needed or were they bench players? When club soccer is more important to the mentalities of MLS owners, coaches or players than USA pride then there is a great problem. Klinsmann has always said that we don’t play to tie. We play to win. Well how can you expect to win if you don’t have the available subs. Kudos to the excellent play from the U-20 but someone needs to be fired for not providing the team with the ability to finish the job. We play to win so we can learn to be consistent and mentally prepared. Now these players that were cheated will not know how it feels to win when we could have all thanks to the dumb mentality of ” we made it to the World Cup” and “it is not that important to support the team fully, we got our goal done.” That is why we will not win in the future. Our kids are not really supported whatsoever. Mexico has built a tradition of winning and going all out with its best players, the US needs to learn from that. WE take the best and support without thought of consequences.


    • GW

      You nailed it.

      If this game was that important Gil and the others would have stayed.

      But the US had already qualified and winning or losing this game was not likely to have much effect on the tournament in Turkey. So it was just for bragging rights and on that score was quite successful.

      International soccer is far more “pragmatic” than the average USMNT fan cares for. The fact that Mexico won this game will mean nothing to the US when they are in Turkey.

      They will have other things to think about then and if they can’t forget, then they will deserve whatever happens to them.


  • Miguel

    Dear all,

    The reason I maintain that there is a gap of about 10 years is simple, that is the time it took Mexico to rebuild the soocer among the young ones and that happened because USA was doing better than Mexico at the national team level.

    Today Mexico has probably the best system for the youth world wide and is supported by all those recent sub17,sub 20,olympic games championships which no other country can match today.

    Mexico is one of the main favorites to take it all again at the world championship this coming summer, USA will benefit of the fact that Mexico has risen the bar and adjust consequetly


    • elcid

      If football was so easy to predict…. How many years was Spain considered “favorites” until they won a major tournament…


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