U.S. Men's National Team

The SBI Podcast: Episode 19 (Previewing USA-Costa Rica, and a quick look at MLS Week 4)

Michael Bradley


Tonight is the night U.S. Men’s National Team fans have been waiting for ever since the U.S. walked off the field in Honduras having lost their CONCACAF HEX opener. The Americans take on Costa Rica tonight at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park and anything less than a win will have the U.S. in panic mode heading toward Tuesday’s showdown with Mexico in Azteca.

In an abbreviated Episode 19 of The SBI Podcast, co-host Garrett Cleverly and I discuss tonight’s match, as well as what the USMNT lineup is likely to look like (though it is tough to know just what Jurgen Klinsmann has in store).

We also take a quick look at the match-ups in MLS Week Four, a week that will see teams throughout the league dealing with international call-ups.

Give the show a listen after the jump:

What do you think of our lineup projection? Who are you hoping to see start vs. Costa Rica? Think the Americans will win tonight?

Share your thoughts below.


  • Dan M

    Ives, I am just glad to know you are in my town today! Hope to see you at the game. I will be the guy who is either standing in the supporters section or stalking you throughout Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.

    Seriously, though, is Jozy going to finally get some service?


  • AcidBurn

    Ives has even chosen more dramatic intro music instead of his usual chill beats. Rising to the occasion.


  • Weaksauce

    my niggas don’t dance,
    we just pull up our pants and,
    Do the Roc-away.
    Now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back.

    ————- Altidore —-
    — Zusi — Dempsey — Gomez
    ——– Jones — Bradley ——-
    Beasley — Goodson — Gonzo — Cam
    ————– Guzan —————-


    • Riggity

      I hope the wear it to but I read somewhere else that the friendly vs Germany is our “Centennial” celebration and some people think they won’t wear them until then…


      • zztoppppp

        It was announced at the press conference with Klinsmann and Dempsey that they will be wearing it.


  • Eric

    Man you guys always manage to make me laugh you two comedians. Keep up the good work. Btw, If you need a good Internet connection in Mexico City just ask my good friend Carlos Slim


  • chris





    • swifty

      Plus 10 ( my phone has no plus sign) love the formation and 10 of 11 selections.
      – 1: edu for besler. Never seen besler play and edu has done well on defense in the past and has more experience.


  • Gabe

    i think dempsey as captain could help him develop into still a better player than he has already become. he will have to be assertive and step it up. I’m excited to see how he responds.


  • OldSchoolChico

    Thanks for the podcast, Ives. So tonight it’s Yanks, 4-1. Turns out the Sporting News article was the best thing to happen to Klinsi. Will the lopsided result mean the critique was off base? Of course not – at least some of it will prove to be dead-on. Still, tonight, the combination of altitude, altura, cold, physicality, grit, opportunism (e.g. players know bailing out the coach could mean a lot come future selection decisions), circle-the-wagons spirit (hey, the game’s out West, man) and a little luck (haven’t seen much lately) will combine to leave the naysayers out-guessed, slack-jawed, and dumbfounded…that is, until right after (make that “during”) the Mexico match.


  • TomG

    SBI pod action on gameday, how great is that? So psyched for this game! See you at Nevada Smith’s! Go USA!


  • PD

    Deuce as captain… how does this effect his game? He usually sets himself up in a pretty adversarial way with the ref and his physical play is usually putting him in that position. how does he serve as an advocate for the the rest of the team with the ref in that light?

    also, if he does not go the full 90, who gets the band?


  • PD

    go for goals.
    Shea and Corona as subs for Zusi (60) and Deuce (78)

    DMB Omar Edu Cameron


  • USA

    Anyone that a) thinks Dempsey being captain will dramatically effect his game or b) thinks who was named captain will have any impact on the match has only experienced soccer from a distance


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