U.S. Women's National Team

U.S. Soccer unveils Centennial Jerseys


U.S. Soccer is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and has now released the new uniforms to commemorate the occasion.

New uniforms for the Women’s and Men’s National Team are now available, along with a bunch of other products commemorating the 100th anniversary of U.S. Soccer.

My initial thoughts? I think they’re outstanding. Clean, simple, stylish.

What do you think of the new uniforms?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Spencer

    The only possible critique is that it’s too simple. But damn that badge looks good. Hope they keep it from here on out. Might have to splash for this one.


    • Josh D

      For a national jersey, I think simple stands out the best. The Dutch jerseys are beautiful. These look fantastic, albeit, I’ve never been a fan of the v-neck jerseys. They never fit right. I’d like to see us go old, old school and bring back the drawstring necks!

      My favorite part of this anniversary is the shoes. Those are amazing. I really like the hat as well. Nike have done well.

      Does anyone know how long these are on sale for?


    • Old School


      I really hope they stick with this crest. The stars on this crest have recognizable meaning.

      The stars on our other crest are awkward and laughable given the location and similarity to actual stars in that same location worn by nations that have won a World Cup.


    • drew11

      I like it as a match jersey for the squad but if you want to show your colors about town it is not really clear what you are repping. The “United States Soccer 1913” is bit more clear. I Hope we see more of that logo. Anyway, like them both.


  • Danny Santos

    These should be made permanent! Love the simple style and the crest looks sick! Red and Blue alternates please!


    • Riggity

      Too bad they are going to wear these for like 5 matches and then come out with 2 new kits for when we go to Brazil. I agree, this should be a permanent kit with two others that can be changed every two weeks like the USSF always does in their attempt at a cash grab. WE NEED ONE jersey that is OUR jersey!! (preferably this one) Sunil and the gang can use the other two options to change it up.


      • Iggy Pip

        “when we go to Brazil”? How about IF we go to Brazil.


  • AC

    Also, it looks like they will have a new blue shorts design with it as an option. It’s on the ussoccerstore website…The shorts have a white stripe down the side….


    • Riggity

      +1 Hesse, if we could have this, the charcoal and the royal blue with thin white stripes!!,


    • Nick

      I don’t get the charcoal grey at all. Since when has that color had anything to do with the national colors of this country?


  • Evan

    I like the new jersey. I wish US Soccer would adopt the old logo as their new permanent logo. The flying soccer ball is too 1990s.


    • WG

      I’d think Nike will strongly “suggest” that names be on it. Personalizing jerseys is value-added for retailers.


  • Brad

    Don’t really like the blue cuffs on the sleeves but I do like it on the collar.

    Badge is very nice.


  • Just saying

    Theyre not a new design,logo, colors they are a replica f the first kit worn by the USA. Nice throwback hope they keep it. They have a whole story in the Nike site.


  • chris

    Ohhhhhhhhhh lord it feels so good knowing I won’t have to see any stupid stripes or sashes at least for a little while


  • Ryan nanez

    Plain and not exciting. Ha kinda like our play style. Ba dum tss. In all realness I actually kinda like it


  • Frank

    The link in the article is messed up. It’s actually a link to this article lol


  • master red card

    I love the stars above the crest. I wonder when the men’s kit will get one. Hmm…


  • Adam M.

    This shirt should be a machine that prints money for US Soccer. Classic. Timeless. You’ll never need another US shirt, at least until the men get a star or the women get another one. As for the badge, this has got to be end of the discussion short of adopting the coiled snake or the bald eagle in some way that isn’t cartooish. The larger size is also perfect. The flying soccer ball looks comical in comparison to this iconic image. I’m not sure if FIFA requires letters signifying the name of the national association on the crest or not for tournament play, but that’s a technical issue. This shirt is also the best argument yet for keeping home whites (and road grays, with a nod to the Yankees away jersey, would look tremendous with this badge). No we only need performances worthy of the clothing.


  • shaggie96

    So great! I love that entire jersey draws your attention to the shield. That’s the way it should be. I sent an email to USSF to tell them how much I love this kit and I hope we’ll keep it (or some variety of it) forever.


    • Riggity

      Shaggie, I plan to do the same. Hopefully many people will do the same because I seriously doubt they are smart enough to keep this crest without their constituents filling their inbox…


  • Raymon

    Very nice. Shopping now.

    When will they bring back the “acid wash denim” jersey from the Alexi Lalas days?


    • Riggity

      They need to do a modern version, for some reason everyone rips on them, they were tackey, but in 92′ pretty much every jersey was repulsive. IMO that is one of, if not the most memorable jersey we have ever had.


  • Nate Dollars

    never bought a jersey before (too expensive), but i’m buying this. just so f-ing good.


  • Mike in Austin

    Fantastic! Keep the badge forever. Only bad thing is I don’t think it would work as well as a red third kit for the supporters clubs.


  • Rusty Schakelford

    Why did theyvever leave the Crest pictured above for a cartoon ball? :-/


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