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Valentin loaned to Bodo/Glimt in Norway

Zarek Valentin

Photo by ISIPhotos.com


The pipeline of American players moving to Norway from Major League Soccer is showing no signs of letting down.

On Monday afternoon, the Montreal Impact announced that defender Zarek Valentin is being loaned to Norwegian second division club FK Bodo/Glimt. The deal will become official on completion of a physical.

Valentin missed Montreal’s 1-0 win over New York Red Bulls last Saturday, with many wondering why he had been missing from the squad. The former U.S. U-23 player answered those questions on Twitter, confirming his departure from Montreal.

Bodo/Glimt is currently coached by none other than former Red Bulls assistant Jan Halvor Halvorsen, who said he remembered Valentin from when the Montreal faced the Red Bulls last season.

“He is a player that I like,” Halvorsen told Norwegian publication Avisa Nordland. “He has pace, is good with the ball, and plays an attacking style.”

Valentin, who played in 15 matches last season with Montreal, scoring a goal and earning an assist, is following in the footsteps of teammates Troy Perkins and Patrice Bernier, who both spent time playing in Norway. In addition, former MLS players Thiago Martins and Willis Forko spent time during their careers at Bodo/Glimt.

The Impact’s website states that the reason for the loan is for Valentin to acquire experience playing overseas.

What do you make of the news? Do you feel Norway is a good place for Valentin to go?

Share your thoughts below.

  • TomG

    Huh. Not sure what to think about this. The more rigorous European schedule and training could be what he needs to step up his game. He’s a guy with some potential.


  • Yevgeniy

    Wohooooo! Europe!!!!! A dream come true!!!!!! You know, Liechtenstein is also in Europe


  • Casey

    I hope Norway doesn’t take offense, but their second division doesn’t sound like a step up.


  • Old School

    “Super excited about the opportunity to play games an follow the dream in Europe. All the best to @impactmontreal the rest of the season!”

    Woohoo Europe!

    Well, Norwegian League.
    Oh yea, in the 2nd division.

    ….yay, Europe………………………….?


    • vik

      There have been several US players who impress in the 2nd division and either earn promotion or get picked up by a 1st division team. I don’t think it’s terrible.


      • Old School

        Excuse my ignorance. Several?

        Can you name the several on your list that have prospered in Europe after starting with a 2nd division Norwegian side?


      • yikes

        gotta admit this loan sounds ridicolous. an average team in 2nd division Norway. why not just head to the Estonian league or a USL club. It’s the same caliber of talent.


      • BAJ

        Maybe this team can actually pay a portion of his salary that many USL clubs cannot? Its also $s not just quality of the league.


      • GW

        You can make an argument the talent level is lower than MLS.

        But loans are made are made for a number of reasons, one of which is to get your player regular playing time. in a reasonably competitive environment.

        The fact that it may be at a lower level isn’t necessarily a deal breaker. Players get loaned out to lower division clubs all the time.

        And as much as anything Valentin will get experience in adjusting to a very different culture both on and off the field , which can only help him professionally.

        It probably beats rotting on the Impact’s bench.


      • ld

        Estonian women are smokin hot. That is where alot of the strippers in Canada come from.


  • slowleftarm

    Happily, MLS has progressed to the point that it is far superior to the Norwegian second division. Sadly, no one has told Zarek Valentin.


  • Yevgeniy

    Well, as the one who started the jokes about “Europe”, let’s also recognize that he is being loaned out to a lower quality team in an effort to get him playing time. He is the only one who is portraying it as “great! I am going to Europe!”


    • DirtyLeeds

      Yep, quite evident no one here has ever been to Norway. I’d happily take a job there just for a crack at some of the local blonde groupies.


      • Old School

        Unless it’s Brazil, America has about every flavor of woman you could want.

        (Yes, I realize he plays for a Canadian team…in an American soccer league.)


      • DirtyLeeds

        Not saying they’re not hot women here or in Montreal, far from it (Montreal has tons,) but I live in Texas and have lived in Scandinavia and traveled throughout the area. If you’re into blondes, Norway is about as good as it gets.

        Scandinavians almost unanimously give the best looking women award to Sweden though. Danes I knew would say that all the time and they can’t stand Swedes.


      • Nic D "the TX 2 Stepper"

        I think Mr Leeds up here has gotten a “Norwegian Wood”.

        I once had a girl or should I say she once had me?


  • Bobb

    I have never been impressed by Zarek Valentin, whether it was in MLS, or with the U-20s (who bombed out of WC qualifying) or the U-23s (who bombed out of Olympic qualifying). I consider myself vindicated as Valentin is now one league below Sean Cunningham who may or may not make our current U-20 World Cup roster. Go make some podcasts bragging about how awesome you are dude.
    In a few years you can join your brother out of professional soccer.


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