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Report: Whitecaps lose DeMerit to torn Achilles


The Vancouver Whitecaps got their 2013 season off to a winning start this weekend, but there won’t be much celebrating amid word that team captain Jay DeMerit could be lost for the entire season.

The Vancouver Province is reporting that DeMerit suffered a completely ruptured Achilles tendon just six minutes into Saturday’s win vs. Toronto FC.

The injury has a normal six-to-eight month timetable for recovery, but the 33-year-old defender could face a longer layoff that might just rule him out for the rest of the season.

The Whitecaps are uniquely poised to cope with the injury, having added a pair of quality young centerbacks in the off-season in Brad Rusin and Johnny Leveron. Andy O’Brien partnered with Rusin for most of Saturday’s shutout win vs. TFC.

What do you think of this development? See the Whitecaps managing without DeMerit? Think DeMerit can battle back and return to action in 2013?

Share your thoughts below.

  • euroman

    Sad just sad but that’s the game unfortunately. Jay’s a fighter and will be back although at 33-34 it gets much more difficult.


  • Edwin in LA

    So much for the idea that he might still be involved in the USMNT pool or for Vancouver returning most of it’s pieces from last year’s short playoff run….hope he gets back sooner rather than later


  • el paso tx

    I think DeMerit is done but I see him becoming another young coach in MLS.


  • Josh D

    Beckham had that before 2010 and came back. He was around the same age as DeMerit. I hope he has a full recovery. A lot of people were calling for his return to the USMNT. He could have helped if things got really tough.


  • mowe

    He shouldn’t have been playing in the first place. Wasn’t fully recovered in preseason, I don’t know why the doctors gave him clearance.


    • WK

      lots of injuries last year- some of them repeat, led the Quakes to clean house with their training staff. in a league with a tight salary cap (for most teams anyway) having healthy and fit players is even more important.


  • Patrick

    Man, this sucks. After such an interesting beginning to his career he seems to have finally found a home in Vancouver, and it sounds like the fans really love him. As mentioned, Vancouver is probably in the best possible situation personnel wise, but Jaybis a big presence and you can’t replace that


  • mike

    Get better Jay! Always been a fan. And be thankful it is only your tendon and not your life: Rachel Price (US under-18) died in a traffic accident. How about a shout out from SBI on this one!


  • GL6

    I had this happen at the same age. It took me 4 months to start running again and 9 months till I was playing again. I’m 17 months away from the day of the rupture and at 90% of what I was. Jay will come back from this, he has better rehab and it happened to his off foot. even a 90% Jay is better than most MLS CBs. I see him back at the end of the season if they are still in the playoff hunt.


  • Mike V.

    I am surprised that no one has mentioned the horrible turf in Vancouver as being a contributor to the injury. I know Jay had some achilles issues in preseason but when the injury occrured it looked like a turf played its part. Maybe Vancouver wakes up and replaces the turf. I’m not advocating grass just new and improved turf. It may cost a pretty penny but so does the injury of a key player especially one that makes a large chunk of change.


    • Steve

      BC Place has virtually the latest and greatest artificial turf you can get. It meets FIFA’s top rating for artificial turf and is used by some top teams in Europe for training.

      I won’t say it’s better or even as good as grass, but there isn’t much in he way of upgrades.


  • Zack

    Man, that sucks. I hate the Vancouver, but have always loved Jay as a player and I was hoping to see him represent teh US again.


  • Fat Albert

    Was this (artificial) turf related? If so, I would expect to see the crew hold Higuain out this weekend. No point in ruining your season just for one game. A lot of DPs do not play on the fake stuff. This is why.


    • GL6

      seeing the replay turf had nothing to do with the injury…..But Grass is still prefered


  • usa fan

    Man I wish him a speedy recovery. He’s a real hardworking humble guy, it’s sucks to see it him possibly lose out on the season. If anybody hasn’t seen his movie, it’s really inspiring and would recommend it. Best of luck Jay to a speedy recovery!


  • Gnarls

    That sucks. Hate to see such a classy dude go down on the FIRST game of te season. Good luck for a speedy recovery to Jay!


  • LAMF

    As a player who has always relied on strength, toughness, and guile over speed and pure athleticism, I don’t see why Jay shouldn’t be able to come back from this injury at his age. A speedy player who has always relied on that attribute throughout his career might be done after experiencing a torn Achilles at age 33. Jay may no longer be an MLS all star (though I wouldn’t count this out, either), but he should still have enough left to be a solid player. I was hoping to see him get called back to the national team, but now I just hope to see him return to MLS.

    Good luck, Jay.


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