MLS- San Jose Earthquakes

KickTV: Wondolowski gets the Jimmy Conrad makeover

Real Salt Lake v San Jose Earthquakes

  • knife fight

    Conrad is 6’2 and Wondo is a reported 6’0 but they stand eye to eye.


  • MLSsnob

    Shark skin, I like it, needs to be fitted though. He looks like he’s swimming in it.


  • WorldCitizen

    Wondo is a great guy. Too bad he’s also too mediocre a striker to be of any use to the national team.


      • WorldCitizen

        I don’t give a rat’s fat petoot what anyone “thinks” about it — the proof is readily found in the numbers. Nine caps, almost all of them against very average opponents, and zero goals to show for it. He’s a fabulous dude and I’d love for him to tear it up for the Nats, but it just didn’t work out that way.


      • Supsam

        Shame on Wondo for scoring zero goals in 9 caps (all those caps ranged from 45 minutes to cameo 5 minutes. Wondo has yet to play over 45 minutes in a game). Speaking of numbers, why can’t Wondo be like Altidore who has scored at least once in his last 9 caps in the run of play…….oh wait, no he hasn’t. Actually, has Altidore even scored once in the run of play under Klinnsman? So according to your great logic, Altidore is a mediocre striker. The proof is in the numbers, bro!


      • H-Town

        Dude you totally missed the point of the comment… Stop taking yourself so seriously and watch the video, then maybe you’ll understand what I was making fun of in my previous comment.


      • swift

        worldcitizen, flat it your an idiot that apparently only pays attention to what you want to our you would understand the single forward formation does not fit Wondo’s way of play nor does it fit any other striker on the US squad. as far as time during those caps he averages less then 17 minutes per cap. if you feel that is an appropriate amount of time then please go watch nascar or some other worthtless sport because your just not intelligent enough to under stand footy.


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