UCL Rewind: Dortmund pull off stoppage time miracle; Madrid fend off Galatasaray

DortmundMalagaWin (Getty)


When Malaga’s Eliseu put the ball in the net in the 82nd minute to give Malaga a 2-1 lead over Borussia Dortmund, it looked as though the reigning German champions had given themselves too high a hurdle to overcome in too short an amount of time. They couldn’t dwell on the fact that the goal looked to be offside. No, instead the Germans put the ball down and threw everything they had at the Spanish visitors and delivered a finish for the ages.

Marco Reus pulled Dortmund back in the first minute of stoppage time, then Felipe Santana bundled home a series winner in the second minute of stoppage time to give Borussia Dortmund an improbable 3-2 victory, and quarterfinal series triumph over Malaga.

Dortmund’s dramatic comeback came on the same day Galatasaray tried valiantly to pull off their own comeback against Real Madrid, but the early goal they surrendered to Real Madrid made things too difficult, even after rattling off three straight goals to pull within two goals of a series win. Cristiano Ronaldo scored his second goal of the match in the dying moments to secure a semifinal place for Real Madrid.

The Malaga upset looked very possible in the early going after Joaquin opened the scoring with a left-footed blast to make the score 1-0 in the first half. Dortmund equalized through Lewandowski after a beautiful passing sequence, but the German club’s semifinal hopes looked doomed when Julio Batista sent a shot past Dortmund goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller. Eliseu latched onto the shot, redirecting it him from what appeared to be an offside position.

That missed call looked like it would doom Dortmund before Reus pulled the Germans even. Then, when Lewandowski floated a ball into the penalty area, with several Dortmund players appearing offside, the ball eventually felt to the feet of Santana, who powered it home.

Real Madrid had more trouble with Galatasaray than most thought they would, especially considering the fact Cristiano Ronaldo scored an eighth-minute goal to give Galatasaray a virtual five-goal difference to overcome. The Turkish club never stopped playing though, and rattled off three goals, including a brilliant Didier Drogba back-heel finish to pull the home team to within two goals. They got no closer though, as Ronaldo settled matters with a late finish.

Here are the match highlights:

BORUSSIA DORTMUND 3 (3), Malaga 2 (2)

Galatasaray 3 (3) REAL MADRID 2 (5)

What did you think of the matches? Impressed with Dortmund? Feel bad for Malaga? See Real Madrid as the favorites to win the whole thing? Who are you hoping Dortmund faces in the semifinals?

Share your thoughts below.

  • THomas

    Wow…I didn’t see it yet but that sounds incredible. Can’t wait to see how nuts the stadium went, considering they’re nuts during a 3rd minute throw in.


  • Travis

    So all three of those Gala goals were extremely easy on the eyes, did not know Eboue had that in him


    • Tony in Quakeland

      How? There was a defender on the line and the goal keeper in front of the shooter? He was also clearly onside at the start of the play


    • Clyde Frog

      Can’t tell from the replays here, but most observers said Malaga’s second was too.


    • Travis

      malagas second and dortmunds third were both offside. close in both cases but it was there.


    • DC Josh

      I suppose the rule states an attacker who is closer to the goal line than the opposing goalie is offside, even if there is an opposing defender closer as well. Stupid rule, but the inept linesmen missed it.


      • Kevin_H

        There have to be two players on the defending side closer to the goal line. That’s the way I look at it. The goalkeeper doesn’t necessarily have to be one of the two.


  • mike

    Both of Dortmunds injury time goals were offside.

    Malagas 2nd was offside but I have more sympathy for that one because it was clearly going in before that idiot touched it in on the line…

    (I am not a fan of either team btw)


    • Bob

      Dortmund’s 3rd was offside, but the second was not. Subotic, Santana, and Reus (the three that played the ball) were all onside when the long pass was kicked into the box. The one that was offside was not interfering with play when Subotic received the pass, and the moment Subotic had it he was back onside.


    • Lil' Zeke

      I’m cool with it, as long as ref consistently calls offside onside throughout the game


    • Steven C

      The first goal in injury time definitely was onside. The 2nd goal is debatable.


  • biff

    I imagine that Lewandoski’s fantastic goal on the big stage was noticed by Man U. and other big clubs who want a great striker and is the final nail in the coffin of his leaving Dortmund this summer with Dortmund pocketing a big transfer fee.


  • Strider257

    The Dortmund – Malaga game was great to watch. Lots of action throughout. I thought the second Malaga goal was clearly offside and the final BvB goal borderline, but as usual, my opinion doesn’t count for much. Is there a new draw for the semis or who plays who? Should be some great games.


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