The SBI Show: Episode 22 (with special guests Matt Besler and DeAndre Yedlin)



The latest episode of The SBI Show features two players who enjoyed dream months of March.

For Seattle Sounders rookie DeAndre Yedlin, March saw him start every game for the Sounders, playing at a high level that has some serious Rookie of the Year and U.S. Under-20 National Team buzz building around him. For Sporting KC centerback Matt Besler, all March brought him was a chance to earn his first U.S. Men’s National Team start in a World Cup Qualifier. It just so happened to come against Mexico at Estadio Azteca, and all Besler did was ace that big test, helping shut down Mexico’s vaunted attack.

Besler and Yedlin are our guests for Episode 22 of The SBI Show (yes, we have changed the show’s name to The SBI Show, so make a note of it). They discuss their recent successes and much more.

Co-host Garrett Cleveryl and I also discuss the National Soccer Hall of Fame voting in Peter Vermes and Joe-Max Moore, as well as discussing all of the weekend’s MLS match-ups.

Give Episode 22 of The SBI Show after the jump:

What did you think of Episode 22? Impressed by Yedlin’s maturity? Did Besler’s story about not being able to hear the national anthem at Azteca get you riled up for Mexico’s visit to Columbus in September? Agree with our MLS Week Six picks?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Brett Steelsmith

    The Salary cap is the whole difference ! it creates a lack of depth as you said yourself Monterrey was bringing MLS DP’s off the bench . The fact that we can only have 30 players on our Roster is another problem look at the top MX clubs they have more so one injury doesn’t kill them like what happened to LA !


    • Good Jeremy

      I kind of think of it like a necessary evil. Look what happened to Rangers and a ton of teams in Spain when their competitiveness completely outstripped their resources. The spending caps are slowly changed as the league gains more resources and/or the Galaxy or Red Bull decide they don’t like the current rules. It also helps lift local players. Lots of academy players are coming through and shining when teams could easily pick up better players on the world market (think Yedlin and Villereal’s play this year). Even big spending teams have a powerful American core- LA has three American starting defenders, usually two American starting midfielders, and usually one American starting forward this year, not counting Donovan.

      I also see the evils of a salary cap- looking at how veterans in the NFL are treated makes me sick. I just think the league would take a big hit if we lifted the cap.


  • Kc Zealot

    What most people do not realize about Besler is that his main strength is making the other center back better. With Sporting he allows Aurélien Collin to play aggressive because he watches and covers any holes made. When I watched the Mexico game I saw the same thing. Sure Omar Gonzalez was the “man of the match” and a beast cutting out crosses but he was able to play so aggressive because once Besler settled down he knew he had cover.

    He is just so consistent mentally.


  • DC Josh

    Ives, by far my favorite part of the podcast is the player/coach interviews. This is no slight to you and Garrett. I just love the insight the players bring. You have to get Jermaine Jones on soon. He is such a character.


    • CroCajun1003

      Would love to hear what Jones has to say. Seems like an interesting cat.


    • Joamiq

      I love it when the players do actually bring insight – which is not always, but definitely was the case in this episode with both guys. I especially loved what Besler said about how over the course of the game he learned Chicharito’s strategy in making runs and getting open, and how Besler played him as a result. It was fascinating to hear, and also heartening because it shows what a smart player Besler is. Awesome stuff.


  • Darwin

    Ive’s, I can’t say enough how much I appreciated hearing the Black Robb intro.


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