The SBI Show: Episode 29 (Talking MLS Expansion, MLS Week 9, and more)

TimbersSportingKC (Getty)


Major League Soccer takes center stage in the latest episode of The SBI Show, with MLS expansion and a loaded slate of action in Week Nine leading the topics discussed.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I discuss a wide range of topics, from Tim Leiweke’s move to Toronto FC, to Tim Cahill’s value as a Designated Player,  and Portland’s statement victory against Sporting Kansas City.

We didn’t just talk MLS. We also dig into some Americans Abroad discussion, including the recent exploits of Fabian Johnson, Alejandro Bedoya and more.

Be sure to give the show a listen after the jump:

What did you think of Episode 29? Think we went too long? Agree with our takes on MLS expansion and Tim Cahill? See Bedoya moving into the USMNT conversation this summer?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Drew

    NY2 is huge news. Major soccer fans in NYC, queens, and Long Island that i personally know who love soccer, but refuse to travel to NJ for red bulls games. Much easier to get to Citi Field than RBA in NYC, believe me. NY2 brings more DPs to MLS which ultimately makes the league better through media and tv exposure, making other teams need to raise their quality on the field, and tapping into a major geographic area.


    • slowleftarm

      No doubt there are some “fans” who refuse to travel to NYRB despite their so-called love of the game because they’ll have to cross the Hudson river. I just doubt the commitment of these “fans” to a future NYC2 team. I also doubt there are all that many of them.


    • Ives Galarcep

      Yes, type SBI Show in the iTunes search and be sure to subscribe (and give us a review while you’re at it).


  • Dan

    Huge mistake. This will backfire all over MLS and the media will gobble it up.
    MLS should be squarely focused on these items before expansion is even considered.

    1. NE and DC stadium situations.
    2. Improve franchises with consistent struggles in the stands(Colorado, FCD, Columbus, NYRB)
    3. Finding a new home/brand for Chivas USA.
    4. Building the lower divisions of US Soccer so that franchises can be promoted into MLS instead of created out of thin air.


    • peaton

      1) I don’t know how solving the NE and DC situations has any bearing on bringing investment to NY. Maybe there is a link, and I would be interested to learn about it if you have any information.
      2) Dito.
      3) Maybe, and in general I agree that we should not copy teams from other leagues, but I think the team has a new ownership&governance plan, so the story there is not entirely over re Chivas.
      4) Totally agree. But I think there is so much room for growth, that a 20th team with lots of backing will not hinder that.


      • Dan

        I suppose the general idea behind my post is that the league should aim to be on a more solid foundation before expanding. Having 19 teams that are competitive, in their own stadiums with great attendance should be the goal of the league at this point. Expansion does nothing to solve these issues. Let’s not even go into TV ratings which are pitiful. 50k people are tuning into matches on NBC Sports. 50k. The league has no chance at real long term profitability and in turn improved quality of play without strong tv numbers.


      • Colin in MT

        Isn’t adding a second team in the largest tv market in the world a positive step in addressing TV ratings?

        I would also argue that adding a second NY team will force Red Bull to address their attendance issues.


      • Colin in MT

        Also, $100 million in the MLS coffers could be used to address some of your issues as well.


  • Sean

    I have no problem with expansion but I would rather see them come from USL or NASL that already have a proven fan base like Portland, Vancouver and Montreal. Something needs to be done about the half empty stadia in MLS. Only have soccer specific stadium’s down town.


    • neil

      You hit it right on the nose, those 3 cities have had professional soccer for 5 decades in between stints in the old NASL and the MLS. Im not sure how many more like that there are.
      But yes, Id prefer having a market and ownership prove themselves over time as an organization than here today gone tomorrow entities.
      And downtown isnt exactly a necessity as much as good public transport. Skytrain in Vancouver is very good and in Montreal it takes me about 15mins from my hotel downtown on Ste Catherine and St. Laurent by Metro to Stade Saputo (one stop earlier for the Stade Olmpique)
      But soccer specific is a must. the Stade is useful when it snow in Montreal in March-April but the Mini stade has great sighlines (and honestly looks cheaply made…lack of finition).
      The BC place is horrible. I dont care how much lipstick you put on that pig. its still a huge cavernous stadium with tarps over half of it.)


  • john

    No such thing as too long. We can turn it off it we don’t wanna listen, but we can’t increase the amt of time you guys talk. Keep it up guys


    • TomG

      Not unless you kidnap them and force them to do a perpetual podcast in your basement. Garrett might be easy to nab, but Ives is from the hood, so I wouldn’t advise it.


  • TomG

    Don’t let Ives boot you from the show, Garrett. As Will Johnson said, “Don’t give up! Never say die! Do not go gentle into that good night! Rage! Rage against the dying of the light! Your back’s up against the wall! Circle the Wagons! Just take it one day at a time? Don’t… shoot until you see the whites of their eyes! Don’t believe the hype!” Or something like that. Keep up the good work, men.


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