SBI MLS Goal of the Week

SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Dax McCarty

Dax McCarty

Photo by ISIPhotos.com

    • Bob L

      Might as well not televise any games. I”m concerned that actual attendance looks like it sucks at midfield for most of the matches so far, not just RBNY. If your drawing well, good for your team and good for the league.


      • Danny M

        The MLS in general sells more seat than the NHL and even NBA. There is an article that just came out saying the average attendance per game is over 1000.

        The Red Bulls were selling out last year and when they start to perform better along with better weather the people will come. It’s not like no one is watching their games.


  • TheFrenchOne

    i don’t get it. is it because it was scored in the 4th minute of the game? otherwise, i don’t see how this one is any better than any other goal scored last week …


    • Chris2

      It’s because Dax is allergic to shooting, even when he’s standing on the 18. Anytime he actually shoots, it’s a miracle.


  • Raymon

    Gold Cup cappage in the future? He looked to be figuring in BB’s mind for Nats in 2011, but I wonder what JG thinks of him. Any word on that?


  • Gary Page

    I continue my one man campaign touting Dax McCarty. He deserves a call up for the Gold Cup.


    • TomG

      Love Dax, but no chance, IMO, when there are other guys who are bigger, faster and younger, with equal skills.


      • LC

        Who are these mystery players? I can only think of a few that are bigger, faster, AND younger with equal skills, and I doubt they will be Gold Cup call ups (Bradley, Williams), especially if JG goes with an MLS-heavy squad. If he keeps playing like he is he should get a look


  • TomG

    Dax’s performance over the last 2 seasons actually makes me rethink the DeRo trade which, at the time, I thought was the worst trade in MLS history. It’s definitely not the worst trade ever now. I’m inclined to categorize the trade at this point as, “not that bad.” What do you guys think? How would you label it?


    • Leo T

      how about the Timbers selecting him then trading him away for Rodney Wallace? oof.


    • Brain Guy

      I’m even more positively inclined on that trade. DeRo is terrific, but I’m not sure he would have been able and willing to all the critical things that McCarty has done for RBNY. Selfless worker bees like McCarty are indispensable. With all the turmoil that has surrounded this club, McCarty has been a quality, steadying presence. Given their respective ages (DeRo is 34, McCarty is 25), is it crazy to say, in retrospect, that RBNY got the better of the deal?


      • TomG

        Not completely sure how to factor in age as value in MLS, but I don’t think it’s as important as other leagues. This being a feeder league, if a guy gets really good, you’re going to lose him anyway and even if you don’t, then you have to pay him and that restricts your cap. Maybe a guy like Dax will always be somewhat undervalued, though.


  • Danny M

    Are you guys kidding me? That goal was sick. From outside the box to how many heads were packed together. Even the build up from Henry stiff arming a defender. In 15 seconds they switch sides of the pitch twice and the final exchange back and forth from Cahill and McCarty takes a high level of skill. If McCarty never chested that pass and just shot it than it would have been a much more impressive and complicated lay off pass. This takes a high level of skill and the red bulls were performing at another level that is seldom seen.


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