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Vermes and Moore voted into National Soccer Hall of Fame

JoeMaxMoore2 (ISIPhotos.com)


Former U.S. Men’s National Team players Peter Vermes and Joe-Max Moore were elected into the National Soccer Hall of Fame, U.S. Soccer announced on Wednesday.

Moore was voted in on the regular Players Ballot, while Vermes was selected via the Veterans Ballot.

Moore played for three different World Cup teams as a forward and a midfielder.  Beginning with the 1992 Olympics, Moore made 100 appearances for the Men’s National Team, scoring 24 goals (5th all-time).  Moore also spent six seasons with the New England Revolution in Major League Soccer, scoring 53 goals.

Vermes, currently the head coach of Sporting Kansas City made his debut for the National Team at the 1988 Olympics and went on to captain the team for the Inaugural Gold Cup in 1991, which the USA won.  Vermes had 67 caps and scored 11 goals.

In Vermes’ club career, he became the first American to play in the Hungarian first division with Raba ETO FC and Dutch first division with F.C. Volendam before playing seven seasons in Major League Soccer for the New York MetroStars, Colorado Rapids and Kansas City Wizards.

“Soccer is the consummate team sport and being inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame is certainly indicative of that. It is humbling and a great honor” Vermes said. “I am appreciative and have learned so much from all of the teammates I have played with and now all the players I have been around from the youth level up on the technical side. My dedication and passion for soccer will never waver and I am so grateful for this recognition.”

“If someone would have told me 30 years ago that a Delran, New Jersey kid with Hungarian parents would be elected into the National Soccer Hall of Fame, I would not have believed it. My dad instilled in me an attitude to never take anything for granted and that certainly applies here. My dedication and passion for soccer will never waver and I am so grateful for this recognition.”

The location and date of the 2013 National Soccer Hall of Fame ceremony has yet to be determined.

What do you think of the selections? Do you remember watching Vermes and Moore play? Who didn’t make the Hall of Fame this year that you feel should have?

Share your thoughts below.

Peter Vermes

  • Chief Diversity Officer, US Soccer Federation

    I wonder when Oguchialu Chijioke Onyewu will be inducted. I would wager within the next 3 years


  • MidWest Ref

    For those of you who don’t remember him, Joe-Max was Clint Dempsey before there was Clint Dempsey. He was a solid attacking option, who always ran his tail off and seemed to give the proverbial 110% each time he was on the field.


    • Scott

      Dempsey almost never runs his tail off. Not for Fulham, not for the Spurs, not for the USMNT. Not knocking Deuce, but to classify him as a guy that always gives 110% is not being honest.


      • MidWest Ref

        My point was intended to say that Joe Max could play midfield as well as forward

        Joe Max always gave 110% which is what I will remember


      • Dinho

        Yup. Everton. He did very well, something like 5 goals in five appearances… until injuries set him back.


  • itwasadarkandScarletKnight

    Congrats to both! Saw Vermes a number of times for Rutgers. Especially remember an NCAA tournament game vs Clemson in absolutely awful wind and freezing rain (Thanksgiving weekend ’87?) featuring Vermes, Bruce Murray, and Eric Eichmann–all future national teamers for those too young to remember.

    Prediction: next Hall of Famer from Delran? Carli Lloyd

    @CDO, let’s hope Gooch is still playing in three years.


  • Yusef

    Need to put the Hall if Fame as part of the design of one of these future soccer specific stadiums. Or just find some cheap space in St. Louis.


  • Courey

    Both well deserved. Both HEROS of American Soccer. Vermes is a trailblazer, and Joe Max the epitome of determination and class. Well done boys.


  • 1254

    Joe Max Moore. who is he? was he a Wynalda or a McBride? did he score in a WC?


  • Matt S

    Anyone else look at the pic real quick and ask “When did Michael Owen play for the US?”


  • dan

    Joe Max ended up marrying a girl from my home town. I’m fortunate to share some mutual friends with him and have hung out with him a time or two. Great guy. Couldnt be happier for him.


  • VMan

    Joe-Max was always a great contributor to the national team and was super clutch in the high stakes game that clinched a WC2002 spot for the US back in October 2001.


  • VMan

    oh, and if you happen to watch those, you would be hard-pressed not to think of what might have been for #5 JOB.


  • David Smith

    Joe-Max Moore has always been one of the hardest working soccer players in US history. Not very tall or big Joe-Max used every bit of energy, drive and initiative he could muster to play soccer at the highest possible level. He proves that almost anyone with enough heart and determination can accoplish their own personal gaols and achieve great things.Congratulations Joe Max!


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