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MLS announces newest franchise: New York City FC

New York City FC Unveil_Levine_Garber_Soriano


Major League Soccer announced on Tuesday in partnership with Manchester City and the New York Yankees that the 20th team in the league would be New York City FC.

The new team is expected to begin play in 2015.

“We proudly welcome two of the most prestigious professional global sports organizations to Major League Soccer,” MLS commissioner Don Garber said in a statement. “This is a transformational development that will elevate the league to new heights in this country. The New York area is home to more than 19 million people, and we look forward to an intense crosstown rivalry between New York City Football Club and the New York Red Bulls that will captivate this great city.”

For Garber, it’s the successful finish of over three years of negotiations to bring a second team to New York City. For the league, the $100 million it has received in expansion fees can be spread around the league.

Manchester City will be the majority owner in the club, with the Yankees playing an active minority role. Though the team plans to have a permanent home eventually, they will begin MLS play in a temporary venue in 2015.

“We are pleased to be associated with this major move by MLS to increase its presence in the New York market and to enhance the opportunity for New York soccer fans to enjoy high-level play in their own city,” said Hal Steinbrenner, managing general partner of the New York Yankees, in statement release by MLS. ” We look forward to the opportunity to work with Manchester City to create something very special for the soccer fans of New York — and to bringing another terrific team to this city for all sports fans to enjoy.”

What do you make of this news? Did you expect this announcement? Are you excited for the potential of the team and league to continue to grow?

Share your thoughts below.

  • McQ

    All this playing in MetLife chatter is silly. There was a reason the RedBulls moved out. The central idea of this team was to have a team actually play in New York City. The league has been working on the stadium for more than a year – longer than getting the ownership group in place. They will have a soccer specific stadium in Flushing Meadows Park near the US Tennis Center and City Field.

    They just catapulted to the top of the “Best Name in MLS” list – NEW YORK CITY – say no more!


  • Cairo

    As a West Coaster, I am already predisposed to hating the NYC teams. Add the Yankees to the mix and its a done deal. Now all they have to do is bring one of the semipro college football teams from the SEC in as a partner and I’ll be there throwing epithets at the team bus. Good for MLS, though–strong dislike is still passion, and the league is sometimes short on that…


  • ed - houston

    I don’t know what to say now that its happened. No more teams!! Perhaps


  • Travis in Miami

    Lame…they don’t even have a log yet? Or a stadium? I feel for Orlando FC…


  • seaoctopus

    So when will the Columbus death watch begin? Or the move for DC to Baltimore?

    Pressure is on


  • pete

    Now if we can get John Henry to buy the Revs this will get really fun. Or maybe the Glazers could pick up DC United.


  • Sean

    As long as the Yankees influence doesn’t badly affect any game day atmosphere with video gimmicks and artificial hype, I support this ownership. This ownership structure will reduce the unease at Middle Eastern absentee ownership by inserting an American staple in sports. And, maybe the Yankees involvement will mean the stadium deal gets fast tracked.


    • The Imperative Voice

      They must have some idea what the stadium plan is if the deal got approved, at least as far as Stage 1 if not the Next Stages.

      So does this mean City starts in Yankee Stadium? If so, geez, what will ticket prices be? [This has been my recurring concern about MLS in NYC proper is hooooo boy what will ticket prices be to recoup that address?] And then will the permanent destination be in the Bronx because of the Yanks link-up or Flushing or one of the other rumors?


  • JL

    As a New Yorker in the Bronx, Red Bull supporter. I like what’s happening.

    I always wished that some ultra rich dude would buy the Metrostars and give it a fancy name such as New York City FC. But alas, Red Bull Energy Drink decided to plaster their brand everywhere.

    It’s just tacky even if they have a really fancy stadium.

    I just really hope NYCFC come up with a really nice crest and kit.


  • Eric

    Can we start calling them the New Jersey Red Bulls? That’s how you could really kickstart the rivalry with the new NYCFC. Hasn’t MLS figured out the reason no one goes to see a club in New Jersey called the New York Red Bulls is that it’s an insult? Or just move the Red Bulls to Detroit. And what’s with dissing the Cosmos?


    • slowleftarm

      Cosmos are a cheesy marketing gimmick and if there’s anyone not going to RBNY because they aren’t called New Jersey, they’re in a pretty tiny group.


  • DCUnitedWillRiseAgain

    Hate City. Hate the Yankees. The only thing I can’t decide is who I will root for when they play the Pink Cows. I’ll bet the Pink Cows move to Orlando in 2 years.


    • slowleftarm

      Shouldn’t you be worrying about whether your team will ever win another game?


  • Scott

    Because they have more than one team and the original teams associated more with neighborhoods/community than city.


  • Joseph D'Hippolito

    If somebody already answered this, I apologize, but I would like to know what the Yankees and Manchester City get out of this? More income? The Yankees don’t exactly need to spread their “brand” around the world, let alone in NYC. Does Man. City plan to use the team as a kind of reserve club, like Guadalajara is trying to do with Chivas USA? I can see how Man. City would want to extend its reach into North America.


    • bryan

      they get money. a chance to build another global brand. they buy the team for $100M, spend $350M on the stadium and hope that in 10-20 years, the team alone is worth $350M.


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