SBI MLS Goal of the Week

SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Danny Cruz

DannyCruzGOW (GettyImages)

  • Sebastian Le Drew

    Every Union’s fans reaction to the Cruz goals… “Great, now he’ll never go away”


      • Andrew

        when he starts every game and kleberson doesn’t…yeah, he is


      • Francois

        Personally, I would be more upset about Keon Daniels starting instead of Kleberson. That dude is horrible.


      • Broadsthooligans

        From what I can see Keon is one of the best two-way players on the team, good touch, composure, solid defensively, creative and fast enough for the wing. He’s no star CAM, but that’s not his role. I’ve always wondered exactly what the complaints are against a player like him.

        Cruz on the other hands is fast and works hard, but I’ve seen elephants with a better first touch. If he had a goal for every other time he rammed the ball and himself directly into a defenders shins I’d be happy he was starting.


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