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Hoffenheim beat Kaiserslautern to stay in Bundesliga

HoffenheimKaiserslauternFabianJohnson (GermanPress)


U.S. internationals Danny Williams and Fabian Johnson won’t have to worry about playing in the second division next season.

The pair’s club TSG Hoffenheim defeated Kaiserslautern, 2-1, (5-2 on aggregate) on Monday afternoon in the second-leg of the Bundesliga relegation playoffs to ensure a place in next season’s German top division. Johnson went the full 90, while teammates David Abraham and Jannik Vestergaard scored to help keep the team afloat.

What do you make of this result? Happy that Hoffenheim is staying in the Bundesliga? Do you believe Johnson and/or Williams should change clubs next season?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Kosh

    Congrats lads, on a job well done. Now move on if you can but if you’re staying then make sure you don’t have to play bonus soccer (like this) again next season.

    Congrats again and head on home and help us get some WCQ points.


      • Derrick

        Wasn’t Celtic interested in Agudelo a year or so ago?


      • Edwin in LA

        I believe they were….but it be interesting to see how he could get a UK permit? I would much rather see him in a low and bad team in Bundesliga team than even Celtic at the SPL even if there is potential to park the bus in CL…


      • Hogatroge

        An argument could be made for Agudelo to get a UK work permit. When not injured, he regularly gets called into USMNT camps, and he’s got a match-tying goal against Argentina while Messi was on the pitch.


  • louis z

    I think Williams may still be in danger of getting loaned out to BL2 anyway.


  • louis z

    So, one more year for Wooten in BL2. This may be a blessing in disguised.


  • K-Town

    Gutted. As a Kaiserslautern fan, I’m really sad. It was a hard game for me because either my team loses or Americans get relegated. Lose lose game. Next year Kaiserslautern. 1.FCK!


    • K-Town

      I really wish we could get some Americans on 1.FCK. There are tens of thousands of ‘Mericans living there with all the military bases. The stadium is only twenty minutes away from the Air Force base i lived at while in high school. I miss going to Walter Fritz stadium, but not the march up that long steep ass hill!


    • Nate Dollars

      i was rooting for kaiserslautern too, but mostly because i thought it would be better overall if hoffenheim was relegated.

      i think fabian would get bought by a 1.bundesliga team, and it would be easier for williams and gyau to get regular playing time in the second division, which is still a good level of play.


    • swifty

      Same here. Military brat lived in k-town for four years all during high school so its hurts to see them lose this but happy for Johnson and Williams.


  • bottlcaps

    I want to know what “happened” to Hoffenheim? About a year or two ago they were the toast of the Germany, having moved from the lower divisions at lightning speed and rocketing to the top of the Bundesliga. Hoffenheim is (was) a small club from a small town, sort of like a Green Bay, but even smaller. Then they seemed to lose all momentum and stated backsliding all the way to the point of relegation. Was it a coaching mismanagement? financial difficulties? or did they just lose their mojo?


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