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International Champions Cup Schedule announced

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San Francisco, Indianapolis, and Phoenix will host first round matches in the International Champions Cup.

Relevant Sports and Entertainment announced on Tuesday the schedule, venues, and bracket of the inaugural tournament, that will feature seven European sides and one Major League Soccer club playing matches in the United States and Europe between July 27 and August 7.

The first round will begin with La Liga side Valencia hosting AC Milan in Spain, followed by Everton playing Juventus in San Francisco, Real Madrid playing the Los Angeles Galaxy in Phoenix, and Chelsea facing Inter Milan in Indianapolis.

The next round of matches will take place in New York and Los Angeles, before the finals commence in Miami.

Here is a closer look at the ICC schedule:

First Round

July 27 – Valencia, Spain – Valencia vs. AC Milan

July 31 – San Francisco – Everton vs. Juventus

August 1 – Phoenix – Real Madrid vs. Los Angeles Galaxy

August 1 – Indianapolis – Chelsea vs. Inter Milan

Second Round

August 3 – Los Angeles – Everton/Juventus winner vs. Real Madrid/LA Galaxy winner

August 3 – Los Angeles – Everton/Juventus loser vs. Real Madrid/LA Galaxy loser

August 4 – New York – Valencia/Milan winner vs. Chelsea/Inter Milan winner

August 4 – New York – Valencia/Milan loser vs. Chelsea/Inter Milan loser

Championship Round

August 6 – Miami – Seventh Place Match

August 6 – Miami – Fifth Place Match

August 7 – Miami – Third Place Match

August 7 – Miami – Championship Match


What do you make of the news? Do you plan on attending any of the matches? Do you see teams taking the tournament seriously?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Reboot

    I’ll be attending the one match in Valencia. Shame they didn’t have more games there for this very American tournament.


  • Iggy

    Is the Bruce labeling this as a nuisance for the Galaxy, or will he take it seriously? Would want to see the Galaxy represent well in this ridiculously talented field.

    not planning on going in person, ticket prices are too inflated.


  • Dinho

    August 1, Phoenix – Real Madrid vs. Los Angeles Galaxy. Wonder what the temp at game time will be. Who is the brain donor that chose that location?


    • NJUMass08

      The stadium in Arizona has a retractable roof. The temperature will be an Air Conditioned 72 degrees.

      You might need the brain donor though.


      • Marcus

        Assuming they’re playing at University of Phoenix Stadium (where the Cardinals play), there’s a retractable roof so I imagine they’ll be playing in a temperature-controlled environment…


      • Beto

        Lol AC stadiums.. Only in Arizona… And Qatar…

        Ya some odd stadiums here


      • Iggy

        The people in AZ had the sense to have a roof that they can close to keep the heat out when the have the AC on.

        The Qatari’s have their magic system where they need no roof, but it stays cool with AC.


      • Edwin in LA

        Wasn’t there talk of an ‘artificial cloud’ technology being used…..which doesn’t even exist yet?


  • KC

    August in Miami, ugh. Either hot & humid or a tropical storm. Not good conditions for fans or players.


  • Beto

    Interesting seeing mls teams playing outside their hoods.. LA play in Pheonix, Colorado is playing Santos Laguna in ABQ, im sure there are others…


  • jonk

    I’ll be paying attention to the 18 MLS matches that take place between July 27 and Aug 7.


  • k

    why not have 8 of the best teams in the world

    Man U, AC Milan, Juventus, Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund

    that would make a great tournament.


      • Mig


        It does demand the question, though. I’m not sure what Valencia, Everton, or Milan are champions of at the moment.


    • Gary

      I’m quite sure the teams have a say in it. Surely the tournament owners have no power of conscription. Maybe, just maybe, all of those teams don’t want to play in a meaningless series of exhibition games on their short break.


  • dan

    Just what the Galaxy need, pointless friendlies in the middle of our season…


    • Joe

      ME!!!! Indiana is actually a strong soccer state and Indianapolis is a good soccer city!!


      • torporindy

        I’ll be there, dips–t. You do realize Indianapolis is a pretty large city, right?


    • Ben

      People who live in Indianapolis, plus people from places like Chicago, St. Louis, Cinci, Columbus, and Louisville who are all within 2-4 hours of driving. There’s a reason the NCAA and others stage a ton of big events in Indianapolis.


      • Mike R

        Doubt that I live in Chicago and am not about to travel to Indy for a friendly and don’t know many who would it not THAT close


      • BAS

        The Indy game will sell out, trust me, also our NASL team will probably average more fans than the Bridgeview Fire do next year as well…


    • Mig

      Probably is about the same or at least it is worth toggling between the two tour locations to keep up the brand and the jersey sales.


  • JC

    Predictions for who the Galaxy will be playing in the 7th place match on August 6th?


  • JC

    So here’s the Galaxy schedule…

    07/31 – MLS All-Star game – KC (for some players)
    08/01 – vs Real Madrid – Phx
    08/03 – vs ??? in LA (assuming they lose in PHX)
    08/06 – vs ??? in Mia (assuming they lose again)

    3 or 4 meaningless games in one week? What a great tune-up for an important road game against Dallas on 08/11. Can’t wait to hear Bruce run his mouth about this schedule.


  • Gary

    I can’t hardly imagine the excitement and earnest that will surround the 7th place and 5th place games. Boy, if the first two exhibition games didn’t rally the players, those sure will.

    Seriously, if you’re going to try and fabricate a “tournament,” at least give some feeling of credibility by not having transparently pointless ticket-sale-events like that.


  • Capitan

    I get to see my cousin play in America. Welcome to the USA JAVI!!
    It will be hot though!


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