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Report: Gaven out for season with torn ACL



The Columbus Crew have relied on Eddie Gaven for longer than any attacking player on their roster, and for the past eight seasons he has been someone the Crew could count on to deliver.

Now, for the first time since 2005, the Crew will have to make a playoff push without the services of Gaven, who the Columbus Dispatch is reporting is out for the season with a torn ACL.

Gaven suffered the injury on Wednesday during the Crew’s 2-1 U.S. Open Cup victory vs. the Dayton Dutch Lions.

What do you think of this development?

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  • Don't care

    Why the f*ck was he even playing in this tourny?? Such a waste of time


    • Old School

      MLS clubs are already getting knocked out of the tournament. I don’t think any stage is considered a cake walk for our MLS clubs that are admittedly thin and lack general depth in quality given the financial structure of our league.

      A lot of people would say this is our country’s most prestigious trophy. Considering it’s the 100 year anniversary, I think you’d find a healthy amount of people that disagree it’s a waste of time.


      • The Imperative Voice

        And then other people are indifferent to the trophy and its rewards, and would just as soon send out the bottom of the roster.

        He may be young on calendar age but by virtue of going pro at 16 I’m sure he has a 30 y/o’s wear and tear on him. Same thing I’d say to Adu proponents, he may have just been on a U23 team but he has nearly a decade of club soccer gone.

        Tough luck for him would be next year is his first option year.


    • ed - houston

      I agree this upsets me too and we are going to your house this Saturday. I am a fan of his and this sucks. We started only Boswell, A team starter, and in the second half we brought in 2 more to finsih out the game. Had we lost in this round it would have been like like year so no big deal. We will prob field a heavy reserve sqaud against FC Dallas too. As the tourney goes on MLS squads be stronger.


      • The Imperative Voice

        I wouldn’t bother, we have quali callups plus Gold Cup (and not just for US players), we have some injuries, we have CCL and hopefully playoffs to stay fresh for. I think he already plays the first team too much. We also need to see what else we have.

        I mean, Dixon has two game winners when he plays. Wouldn’t that be more useful to the first team bench than sticking a utility player or DM out wide when we have to sub a wing? So give the kids a chance.


  • Nathan

    I don’t mind that he was playing the match, but the injury occurred late in the match… well after he should have been subbed off.


  • fischy

    It does suck. United lost Boskovic for a year thanks to a hideous tackle by a Revolution player, when Branko was having the game of his life, leading a furious comeback in a USOC match. It does feel worse when it comes in USOC play, but the tourney is one that will grow in importance as talent filters down to lower divisions.


  • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

    As a Red Bulls fan I’ll always be a Gaven fan. Really sorry to hear this. BTW, did you know you can put together a near ALL-Star team of players the NYRB discarded? Now that’s really sad!


  • AzTeXan

    First the scoreboard, now Gaven. Pretty soon all our pets head’s will be falling off.


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