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Soccer Wednesday: Your Running Commentary

EuropaLeagueTrophyinArenA1 (Getty)


Two teams that started their European season’s in the Champions League will now finish when they meet up in Amsterdam at the UEFA Europa League final.

Chelsea, who know all about playing in a European final, would do well to pick up a trophy to cap off Rafa Benitez’s tenuous stay with in London. Benfica, who have lost seven straight European finals, hope to reverse the voodoo that is on them and get a massive pick me up after potentially losing the Portuguese League title last Sunday in a loss to Porto.

Also in action on Wednesday is the Copa Libertadores. Defending champions Corinthians host Argentine side Boca Juniors, while Argentine clubs Velez Sarsfield and Newell’s Old Boys face off as well for a place in the quarterfinals.

Finally, the first-leg of the Canadian Championship final kicks off on Wednesday night in Montreal as the Impact host the Vancouver Whitecaps.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

2:45pm – Fox Soccer Channel – Benfica vs. Chelsea

6:15pm – Fox Deportes – Velez Sarsfield vs. Newell’s Old Boys

7:30pm – Sportsnet (Canada) – Montreal Impact vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

9pm – Fox Deportes – Corinthians vs. Boca Juniors

  • Kosh

    Is it just me or are Benfica tearing Chelsea’s D apart? Nice start to the game.


    • Josh

      Was thinking the same thing. I haven’t seen Benfica play this year but they look stellar today


  • Francois

    We are playing horribly, no possession in the midfield, no pressure on the ball. Azpilecueta is horrible, he is the right-footed, Spanish Borenstein.


  • Bean

    I think that the Encarnados can break their spell of luck today against this under-performing Chelsea side.


  • Vic

    I know many American fans and journalists prefer athletic players over skilled, however this game is a lesson of what skilled players can do.


    • TomG

      It’s not a matter of preferring athleticism over skill. I think most fans and especially pundits would love to see a more fluid, skilled style of play, but when you only have a few players who can play that style, it becomes clear that that’s not going to be an option. There isn’t any preference, there simply isn’t any other option.


      • Vic

        How do you explain Klesjtan, Beckerman, Edu and Shea getting more playing time than Corona, Diskerkud, Bedoya and Castillo?


      • OPMG

        Well, 2 of those 4 you named are more athletic than skilled. I love me some Beckerman and Klejstan, but they are not what I would consider athletic. That’s probably the biggest weakness for both of them.


  • Francois

    I love Brian McBride, but he is so biased right now, it is unreal. Cardozo was offsides, by the slightest of margins, but McBride vehemently claims that Cardozo was clearly on. Unreal.


    • glou

      yeah, that surprised me too. the replay showed him off. made me wonder what line mcbride was looking at.


  • Francois

    Great! Dumb penalty given away from the Spanish Borenstein, why he starts is beyond me.


  • DaveW

    And the first leg of Monterrey-América ‘Apá? (10 pm EDT Unimás).
    1st leg of Santos-Cruz Azul tomorrow 10 pm EDT Univisión Deportes Network.


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