MLS- Columbus Crew

U.S. Open Cup: Chicago Fire vs. Columbus Crew (Live Stream)


  • SanFran415

    Had to mute the game. Dear Chicago Fire commentator.

    EIther set an upper-limit cap on your broadcast filters or stop yelling every time the ball goes near the 18. My ears are bleeding.


    • Mike V

      hey, hey he is probably some intern that is getting an opportunity to do the broadcasting. It is a 12pm kickoff after all. Most people in the office are at lunch. He’ll have this tape to send to potential employers. Of course, once the hear him, they will toss the tape in the trash — ha ha ha ha


      • Gnarls

        As soon as it was announced I knew LA would regret the decision. I question whether Arena made the decision or if the FO forced his hand. Magee put on a happy face, but he just re-upped with LA in January. I believe he would have been just as happy (or happier) to stay in LA. It still makes me mad/sad to think about.


  • zztoppppp

    This guy is literally the worst sports announcer I’ve ever heard in my life. He yells for no reason, there are long periods where he only says the name of every third player to touch the ball and he sounds like he is in eighth grade.


  • zztoppppp

    Fingers crossed that this goes to penalties.

    I haven’t seen a shootout since that poor excuse Tottenham gave for one in the Europa League.


  • Dante

    he’s more of a joke and a complete disgrace. Amazing what passes for play by play.


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